true contributionYou know what you know. You hire someone as a mentor because they know more than you know in a certain area.

You sometimes squash what you know so you are “teachable” and “coachable.” You then ignore your own knowing and intuition little by little…until you cut off all of your awareness and follow the leader like a good little student.

Have you done this too, or was it just me? Based on conversations with colleagues, friends and clients, I know I’m not the only one who’s done this crazy game of attempting to be confident in your expertise and be mentored by another expert.

Recently, I re-discovered a word that has had a profound impact on me and my business: contribution.

Knowing what this word really means now, I quickly see through opportunities that are only about what the other person  can “get.” I’m now willing to ask “What’s in it for me?” because I know I give value.

Embodying this one word has changed everything in my business – and changed things in a good way.

What contribution can you be that expands your willingness to receive and opens the floodgates to give back in such a way that creates instant transformation with everyone you come into contact with?

Hmmmm, now that’s a juicy question… a question that will create more abundance in every way you are asking for, rather than wondering how to be “nice” and “give service” as a glorified way to avoid receiving.

Additionally, contribution means you don’t give your power away, but you enhance your coachability by standing firm in what you know works for you.

Intrigued with how to create more without doing more? Watch the video…