What do you do when you have a big decision to make in your business? When it’s a decision that could create big opportunities, or it could create the opposite. How do you choose?

A fabulous way that Soulpreneurs avoid the decision completely or give their power away in making decisions is by asking, “What is in my best and highest good?”

This is something I used to do all of the time. I would have a decision to make and I wouldn’t be sure what to choose. It was usually around something that was scary and also involved money like investing in a coach or signing a contract for one of my events.

So I would even get out my pendulum or muscle test and then tune into my higher self and the universe. Then, I would ask the famous question: “Is ______ in my best and highest good?”

And my pendulum would swing left to right (meaning no) or the opposite direction, which meant yes.

Or I would sway forward or backward and that would be my yes or no.

There, my decision was made. Nope – I just simply affirmed my belief system of what I thought was possible.

So my answer wasn’t really an answer from my higher self, it was an answer based on my belief system.

And THAT is where we get into trouble with asking what’s in our best and highest good.

What’s in your best and highest good is a trick question. How? Think about it for a second, isn’t anything and everything for your best and highest good if you just give it enough time?

Everything ends up to be for our best and highest good, it’s simply a matter of perspective.

So how do you make decisions that are going to CREATE what you desire? That is the better question to ask.

First, get honest with yourself.

Second, what do you really desire? Hold that vision in your mind. You will feel your energy expand.

Third, clear all of your points of view about what you believe to be possible. When you can be unattached to either option, you’ll actually get a clear answer of what choice is in alignment with your vision.
My favorite tools are using the clearing statement from Access Consciousness or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as Tapping.) Check out two amazing resources for tapping: www.TapIntoAbundanceNow.com or www.MartiMurphy.com.

Fourth, ask if the option you are considering is in alignment with that vision. You will feel more expanded and light if it is, and you’ll feel more constricted and contracted when it’s not.

This requires you to ask better questions and to trust yourself.

Important Tip: Being unattached and being willing to do something scary will get you closer to your vision sooner than later.