Charge what you’re worth. You’ve probably been told that this one way to raise your prices.shutterstock_81990328

I used to subscribe to this motto also; I used to teach it. But think about it for a second: how can you possibly charge what you’re worth? Your value is infinite. You are priceless.

How can you put a price tag on what you are worth?

The other thing I heard was “Charge what your client is worth,” because their worth is so great.

But we can use the same argument with your client – they are priceless.

So how do you raise your prices?

Before that question, you need to answer the foundation question:
what is the price that’s in alignment for you?
Embody THAT price, then when you evolve into a higher price point, it’s time to ask the question of how to raise your rates.

elizabeth-gilbert-big-magic1In Elizabeth Gilbert’s book “Big Magic” she talks about how your creativity has an energy that taps you on the shoulder and asks you to bring it into the world.

That creativity is your book, your business, your program…
Your business has a voice, it has consciousness. Have you asked your business how much it would like to charge its products and programs?

If this is the first time considering that concept, it can sound a little wacky. Maybe downright crazy.

Here’s the thing: when you develop this kind of communication with your business, things like pricing, attracting clients, launching programs and your confidence will be much easier.

Get the full scoop in my video below.

Things to avoid when raising your rates:

  1. Nice Blaming: Use reasons like “Buy now because my coach/editor/publisher asked me to raise my rates.”
    If you choose to raise your rates, then choose it. Don’t use someone else telling you what to do as the reason.
  2. Comparison: Don’t raise your rates because someone else who does the same thing you do charges that.
  3. Discounts: If you find yourself giving a ton of bonuses or discounts after you raise your rates, you’re not ready to raise your prices.