The business team are writing a marketing plan.What do you do when your business feels stagnant? The marketing you are doing isn’t working as quickly as you want it toin fact, you may even second-guess your business on some level.

How do you activate money-making energy in your business without pushing your way to MAKE it happen (the old-school masculine way)?

First you’ve got to take the pressure off of yourself.

Second, clear up the energy leaks.

Third, you are ready to focus on the sales and active marketing.

Take the Pressure Off:

You have financial goals and desires right? You likely have a certain amount of money right now you can use for those things. If you are playing big and dreaming of what your next level is, then there will likely be a gap of what you want and what you have.

This is awesome news because it means you are creating and transforming and not staying stagnant.

Stagnation = slow death.

So how do you close that gap without worry, doubt or desperation?

Take the pressure off – in other words do something FUN!

A few days ago I was conflicted with some heavy duty tasks I needed to get done in business and in our home to finish getting it ready to sell, and I had my pottery class scheduled for the afternoon.

Plus I hadn’t felt like I had seen my hubby in a few days because we’ve both been so busy…

What to do?

The old me would have skipped out on the pottery class to do the “responsible” thing.

But I went to my pottery class. I had some helpers at my house who were working on some house projects and they were doing their magic while I was taking some time for me.

I came home rejuvenated and loved opening up my creative side. I wondered why I waited so long to get back into pottery.

Recently I realized the the ONLY creative expression I had in my life was in my business, and it was always attached to a financial outcome. I was always putting pressure on my creativity to be “productive.”

What could happen if you had more fun? What could you manifest then?

Part 2: Clear Up the Energy Leaks

My hubby and I are getting our house ready to sell. I’ve been updating a few things to get it “staged” and ready to show.

I’m updating things that I haven’t liked for SEVEN years (since we moved in). Why have I waited so long?

I realized that while I upgraded many of the things in our home, I didn’t do everything. I told myself things like “It’s okay, it’s good enough.” “It’s not that big of a deal.”

When the truth is, I’m not in love with everything in my home. I remember Ali Brown saying on a training that one of the things she did to get her environment to support her big dreams is she didn’t put anything in her space that she didn’t absolutely love.

Look around your office. Your car. Your home. Your wardrobe. Do you love it? Or is it just “okay?”

Clear up the leaks (do these without losing focus on your priority tasks in your business):

  1. Have the conversations you need to have
  2. Clear the clutter
  3. Re-paint or refurnish your office
  4. Collect money from people who owe you money

It’s the little things that compound over time that create the major disruptions and explosions. Taking care of those things over time will not only create an environment and relationships that reflect your value, but your energy will stay focused on your purpose and profit-producing activities rather than get caught up in clutter.

Part 3: NOW take the action

When you take action from the place of high energy and vitality, you will produce results. When you take action from the place of “should” or desperation, that energy can only produce so many positive results. Taking action with that energy is where you will see temporary results, but not things that are long-lasting.

The money-making actions in this phase include: holding a teleclass and inviting people into strategy sessions, inviting your email list into an offer, calling past clients, calling prospects, networking, etc.

AVOID THIS TRAP: Waiting to take the action until after you FEEL good. There will be days when you feel like a hot mess. Take action anyway. There will be moments when you think you aren’t qualified to charge what you want. Take action anyway.

Doing things that make you feel good and clearing the energy leaks are done in conjunction with taking the action, not in place of them.

So take a break, have some fun and get busy. You’ll be amazed that you can have it all.