I was talking myself into loving it…

“It’s better than what I have now.”

“I can make it work.”

“I really love these parts of it…”

This was my conversation 48 hours ago as my husband and I were making a decision about making an offer on a house we saw.

Then came the, “maybe we’ll just stay where we are. Maybe it’s better to just do some upgrades to this house…”

Today this sign went up in our yard.

$hit just got real. It’s happening. We’re moving. And we don’t have a place to go… yet.

Welcome to “The GAP.”

The place in between what you SAY you’re letting go of and what you SAY you desire. But that thing you desire hasn’t shown up yet.

The GAP is also the place where possibilities go to die from causes like, “being responsible,” “being realistic,” and “being practical.”

Been there. Done that. And it’s friggin’ boring isn’t’ it?

Before we get to what to do in the GAP, let’s start with that thing you really desire.

If you’ve had something you’ve desired to create for a while now, what is it? What’s really stopping you?

For me, I’ve talked about the desire to move for over five years now.


I made up a bunch of stories in my head:

It’s too hard to qualify for a mortgage on self-employment income.
I can’t yet afford the house I really desire.
My husband doesn’t want to leave Utah.
As long as I travel, I can stay put and be happy.

Blah, blah… when I can’t stand to hear myself anymore, good ol’ Liz pops in my head with this:

“I’ve never seen any life transformation that didn’t begin with the person in question finally getting tired of their own bullshit.” ~Elizabeth Gilbert

She goes on to say, “Don’t be seduced by your limitations. They have nothing to offer you but stagnation.” (Liz, can we be friends?)

I’ve got a couple of tips coming your way about what to do so the GAP doesn’t consume your vision of what’s possible.

First though, what would you like to create?

What’s your dream? What do you really desire?

Write it out. You don’t need to share it with anyone. This is just for you.

While this could be the perfect cheesy moment to say, “What would you do if you If you knew you couldn’t fail,” here’s a question I like better:
If you totally trusted yourself and your ability to create it, what would you CHOOSE?

Different energy, right?

First, write down those desires. Over the next couple of emails, I’m going to walk you through how to bring those to life, including how to move through the GAP.

Happy Creating,

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