tellthetruthfasterYou want your message, marketing and offers to ONLY be for the exact right people for you right?. How do get that? Tell the truth faster.

I was coaching a client last week who knew that a role she was filling was no longer in alignment with her vision. It could have been really easy to go to that person she was working with and said things like “you haven’t honored your end of the agreement, you aren’t doing what you promised…”which were all true.

But there was a deeper truth. The truth was she outgrew the contract. She wanted more than what the contract could give her and she had been staying put because it was “safe.” She knew it was time to leave.

I encouraged her to speak her truth and tell the truth faster.

Telling the truth faster means taking total accountability for your results. It means you OWN your decision of what is a YES for you and what is  NO for you. No blaming is allowed when you tell the truth faster.

What is on the other side of telling the truth faster? Everything you’ve ever wanted is waiting for you.

Example of NOT telling the truth: When I told the truth faster about hiring the wrong team to manage a specific role in my business, I found the next vendor, but I only told a half truth. The result? That project went 60% over budget and I was incredibly disappointed in the end result.  I let things slide, including myself and it got messy.

When I told the truth faster about my spirituality and intuition being a top priority in my business, I rebuilt my business from zero to six figures again and I now have more joy everyday, which is just as important as the money to me.

When I tell the truth faster to a client who is stuck, they get a breakthrough. Let’s face it, sometimes hearing the truth stings but it’s the fastest way to freedom.

When you tell the truth faster in your marketing here is what happens:

  1. You know right away who is an ideal client for you and you speak their language. If someone comes to you who ISN’T an ideal fit, you quickly let them know and send them to the person who is. You now are closer to working with the right person.
    If you don’t and you take on a client who isn’t a good fit, it gets really messy and neither you or the client are happy. Who has time for that?
  2. You know exactly what you do well, and exactly what you don’t do well so you focus on your genius area, which is your big money maker. You also know what to delegate so you don’t get stuck in overwhelm.
  3. You know who the perfect JVs are for you.
  4. You know the perfect events to speak at, plus you know the perfect attendees for your own events.

In other words, your business is a whole helluva lot easier when you do this. I ask my clients this question to get to their truth faster:

“If you could really tell people what you think about ______, what would you say?”

One of the best answers I ever got was “Your health is your own damn fault and no one else’s so stop blaming everything and everyone else for it.”

Then my client paused and asked with hesitation “Gosh, can I really say that?”

YES, you can say that. You HAVE to say that.

In order to tell the truth faster, you can’t be everything to everyone. You have to be brave and choose what you want to stand for in the world.

Relationships: (in and out of biz)

Half truths make me bat-$hit crazy. Why? Because a half truth = lie.

Not being totally honest in what you want, what works for you (and what doesn’t) leads people on. It’s a time waster, a dream killer and a profit stealer.

I had a JV who was clear that she wasn’t about the “woo” at all. She is a great and we had a great JV together, but I knew that we were no longer a match. Now we can do business with people who really GET us and we can stop pretending that it’s all good, when something is “off.”

When something is off, we’ve got an energy leak. Any energy leak in life or business, is a profit leak in the bank account.

If you are telling half truths in your personal life, it WILL creep into your business.

With your Results:

  • If you haven’t made six figures and haven’t helped anyone do that, I wouldn’t recommend having something about helping people create six figures in your tagline.
  • If you are a love coach and just had your third divorce, can you really coach about finding the love of your life? Common’ now…
  • It’s kind of like me…I have THE BEST parenting advice AND I have no kids. Um what? Can I really give legitimate parenting advice to parents who haven’t slept in two years and their toddler is throwing a fit in Target?
  • Don’t coach about money if bill collectors are calling you.

Tell the truth faster. Being in integrity with your business will unleash more opportunities and profits, rather than the opposite: pretending that something is working when it really isn’t.