I’m getting ready to make a big announcement in my business of how you can be part of a movement of soul-inspired women who are creating true abundance: money, joy AND purpose.

In two days my last THRIVE event will be kicking off in Phoenix, Arizona. Big things are coming up in 2014.

I wanted to take a quick minute and share these program secrets I’ve learned after working with dozens and dozens of clients since 2010 and hundreds of women at my events.

In an industry where people are preaching to “charge what you are worth” and do so by spending less and less one-on-one time with clients, I believe there is a different way that leverages your time and your client’s results.

First, you want to make sure you LOVE your offers.

Second, you have to leverage your offers, meaning you can’t make yourself irreplaceable in your business.

If you only work with people one-on-one then you make it really hard to take vacations let alone spend time doing what you love outside of your business.

The four elements to create in your programs AND to look for in mentoring for your own business are:

1. One-on-one support.

I can’t tell you how many times when I do a marketing makeover with a client and I’m the first person who has actually looked at the message, marketing and offers in their business. People spend thousands of dollars on a program to learn the technical pieces, but aren’t getting support in the three things that will determine if they actually make money or not: their message, marketing and offer.

2. Mastermind.

Masterminds have become really popular over the past few years in the coaching world. A mastermind is not 30 people in a group for a weekend. A highly-effective mastermind is a core group of committed individuals to help you with your business.

3. Community.

Have you ever felt that you are crazy for wanting to have a business? Or the days that your grand plan for success was sabotaged or didn’t go as “planned?” Being part of a conscious community who understands the bad days and who is there to celebrate with you on the good days is essential to succeed.

4. Accountability.

In general, humans are so good at letting ourselves off the hook. Otherwise gym memberships would have year-round enrollment, not just for new years resolutions. We make dreams and we keep them to ourselves so if they don’t happen then no one else knows. What would change if you stopped the excuses and just took inspired action with a support unlike you’ve ever had? How can you add accountability to your programs?

These are just a few things to consider putting into your programs and also what to look for to make quantum leaps in the next year.

Do something for yourself right now. Take two minutes and write down what an ideal week looks like in your business. How much money do you bring in? How many clients do you work with? Do you get a massage or go to lunch with friends? Setting this intention and writing a clear goal is the first step to creating different results in your business.

Talk to you soon,