Are you going to trust the process or try to stop the inevitable?

It happens in three month increments. Every “trimester” the growing pains make you wonder if you can make it. Will you really do this?

Is “it” really working? “It” can be your coach, your marketing plan, your clients, your financial goals, your time management…etc.

This is what I notice in me and in EVERY single client and colleague I know on some level. About every three months I question if things are really working. I re-evaluate my path, I question my progress. Is everything on track?

When this happens and you step fully into accountability, then this is GREAT. If you are avoiding accountability then this will result in blame, complaining, drama, unhappiness, defeat or fear paralysis.

This time of questioning also happens EVERY SINLGE TIME I uplevel. Along with every up-level, comes a new level of accountability. There is a new level of the unknown and let’s face it, the unknown is scary at times.

If you are in a fear storm then know that you can get through it. It just requires taking baby steps, even when you don’t feel like it. A fear storm can look like being paralyzed by fear so you don’t take any action or you keep yourself busy rather than being productive.

A fear storm shows up like this:

  • Instead of sending out the important emails, following up with someone, or making a sales call (gasp) you organize your desk, you go to the office supply store for “supplies (my personal favorite) or you make excuses that you need to organize your office because you “just can’t work in there.”
  • It may also show up by using your kids as an excuse… “I can’t spend more time away from my kids.”
  • Making yourself physically sick as a way to force you to slow down.
  • Shutting down and withdrawing.
  • Blaming your coach or colleagues for “not doing something for you.”
  • Getting angry or annoyed at circumstances for getting in your way and using it as an excuse to not move forward.
  • Ignoring your results and pretending that everything will be fine if you just “wait and see.”

You get the point?

Take full accountability for your results. And please hear this , taking accountability does not mean beating yourself up for the past. It’s just noticing where you are and seeing how you contributed to your current results. It’s a freeing experience to see what you see and make a new commitment.

It’s up to you to make your business work. It’s not up to the economy, your coach, your mastermind members, the internet, online strategies, marketing strategies, or your clients. It’s up to you. Isn’t that freeing? Knowing that you don’t have to wait for anyone else or get anyone’s approval means you can move at your pace is the truth that will truly set you free.

Here are some tips to get through the labor pains:

  • Ask for what you want.
  • Ask for support and assistance.
  • Take baby steps. Taking action is one of the best ways to alleviate fear.
  • Continue to uplevel. Invest in yourself, your business and your education regularly.
  • Most of all, know that you will experience these cycles in your life and business. And it’s normal.

Every three months (or so) you have the opportunity to look at your growing pains and notice what you notice. The labor of birthing your business is worth it. The world is hungry for what you have so trust the process. You know what to do. Now go out there and kick some butt!