Several weeks ago, a friend of mine asked me a question that changed me. I continue to think about it. I continue to ask people the same question and I get the same response.

The response is this:

A look of awe.

Sometimes tears.

Usually silence.

Always a breakthrough.

The question is this:

When are you going to stop pretending that you are normal?

Seriously, when?

No one has done what you have done.

No one else has had the experiences you have had.

No one has overcome the struggles you have had.

No one can share your message in the ONLY way you can based on who you are, your divine gifts and every single experience you have had.

You have been DESIGNED for success.

Could it be as simple as a decision?

Could it be as simple as you looking at yourself in the mirror in the same adoration that you look at a child or someone you love dearly?

Could it be as simple as taking one simple action step?

Could it be as simple as ASKING for help?

The bottom line is you aren’t normal. You are a big deal. You have solutions to share with the world.

BUT if no one knows about what you do then you are limiting your gifts. And that limits the money you make in your business.

Go after your goals NOW. 2013 will be here before we know it. What you do NOW impacts everything.

You have what it takes and you are unique.

This UNIQUE factor is YOU. It’s not your content. It’s not quoting other people for their content. It’s not showing up once and hoping for something to change. It’s about YOU consistently showing up in your

greatness. Because after all, you are anything but normal.

When you market YOU, people buy from you. When you market your content, people buy whoever has the cheapest price for the most content.

Stop pretending you are normal. Remember you are a big deal.

With Love and To Your Success,