You don’t need a lot of people to build your business. You just need the right folks.

A couple of weeks ago I had my last ever THRIVE event.

Honesty check:

  • Before every event I have a meltdown that leads to big breakthroughs.
  • I get challenged with how visible I’m willing to be. And I choose IN every time.
  • When I coach my clients on their events, this occurs for them at some level also.
  • When I connect with colleagues who host their own live events then guess what? Yep, it happens for them too.
  • I didn’t have my typical 100+ person event and still got the number of clients I wanted to enroll from the event.

Part of the breakdown for people hosting live events is the pressure they put on themselves to get butts in seats – the official term for getting people to register for your event.

The pressure is totally unnecessary once you let go of your business being a popularity contest.

Rather than freaking out about the wrong numbers, you’ve got to focus on the right numbers.

If you are a fan of Shark Tank, you may have heard an entrepreneur on the show was talking about how great her product is.

She was focusing on how much people liked her and her products (aka popularity contest) but she sold less than $6,000 of her product in the last YEAR.

Barbara Corcoran said, “the only feedback you need is sales.”

She walked away empty handed. I want to make sure you don’t make the same mistake.

You’ve got to let go of the wrong numbers like:

  1. Building a big list for the sake of having a big list. (Flip side: Sharing your message with the right people is fulfilling.)
  2. Having a “big” event so you look good.  (Flip Side: Big events for the right reasons can explode your business.)
  3. Filling a group program with more than the number of people you can realistically serve just to stroke your ego. (Flip Side: Creating a big community can create big transformation.)

This is not the case with every big list, event or program. BUT, if you have felt pressure and stress from trying to deliver those numbers, what numbers do you really want?

Creating authentic success comes down to three things:

Part 1: SPEAK to the RIGHT number of clients you WANT to meet your income goal.

Part 2: SERVE people in the way that creates real transformation.

Part 3: GROW your business with a schedule that honors the life balance you desire.

There is one person who I’ve partnered with on a couple of things because she knows what it takes to get sales from the right people, instead of just a handful of compliments for your business (like the chic on Shark Tank).

We’re all in this together.

Rise Up,