I read the above quote in this article and it really hit me deeply.

How often do we deny our greatness? Our divinity? The price for that is showing up in our bank accounts as SOULpreneurs in addition to our soul esteem.

You’ve heard that phrase, “The devil made me do it.” It’s a common excuse people use when they want to avoid accountability.

This excuse puts people immediately into victim energy.

Being a victim is no state to be a creator of magnificent things, including your income, new clients, and awesome opportunities.

But there is a phrase people say that is more damaging than even “The devil made me do it.” It’s putting people into a different kind of victim energy.

Spiritual entrepreneurs do it all the time and it breaks my heart.

It cuts off the connection to the universe. It stunts our magnificence from being present in our lives and businesses. It denies divinity from flowing through us

It sounds like:

“Whatever God/Universe wants me to do, I’ll do it.”

“Source told me to do ____ (and it’s usually before they do something that isn’t in alignment with their authentic truth).

Or when something turns out really well in their life or business, it sounds like “Well, God did his magic again.” Or “I can’t do this without God.”

Before you make assumptions of where this article is going, hear me out.

All of those above statements are true. AND guess what? Without YOU, God/Universe/Source wouldn’t have a channel to do what only you can do.

It’s the ultimate win/win.


Keep saying those statements of truth and continue to share your gratitude about source/God/universe. AND give yourself some credit.

I see people often dismissing their greatness because it’s God’s grace, as if it’s something outside of them so they can’t take any credit.

YOU are the center of your creation, without YOU then God, Universe, Spirit, Source would have nothing to move through

Too often I hear brilliant women say things like “What does the universe want for me?” And they sit and waitand waitand wait.

You are in partnership with the universe. You co-create WITH the universe. And for that reason alone, YOU have what it takes to live your dreams.


Think about everything that had to happen for YOU to be here. The mere act of conception is a miracle. Being born and taking your first breath is freaking amazing. And you just get more amazing from there.

The first time you got a paying client. Or maybe you are in the process of manifesting that, so keep going!

The first time you shared your truth to your tribe in your newsletter or a presentation.

Those are magnificent acts.

People often think that their business isn’t working because they either:

-Don’t know enough or don’t have what it takes

-Don’t market enough or don’t market well

-The economy sucks (or some other version of that excuse)

What if the ONLY thing you changed is started giving yourself more credit for being so fabulous that you actually allow the universe/God to work through you?

What if the ONLY thing you changed is you gave yourself more credit for being an expression of the divine?
Imagine how your sales conversations would be with that truth instilled in your soul.

Imagine how your marketing efforts would pay off because you KNOW you have what it takes because of one simple fact: YOU are connected to source; YOU are a channel for the divine to flow through.

Take a moment and breathe that in. Breathe in the truth that you have what it takes or you wouldn’t have the dream in the first place.