I’m quite confused by something…

I ask entrepreneurs what their biggest challenge is in their business and 95% of the time it comes down to the need and desire to make more money.

YET, a common hesitation/excuse/challenge I hear from this same 95% is they don’t “feel right” about charging for their natural gifts and talents. I hear things like:

  • “I don’t need a big house, I just want to be okay.” (So every month, they are just okay and just get by.)
  • “I don’t want to be rich, I just want to help people.” (They can’t help people when giving from an empty cup.)
  • “I don’t feel right about charging for ______.” (The people who are getting their product or service are being robbed of the transformation that takes place when they invest in themselves.)

Do you see the problem here? The very thing people are most worried about is the very thing that people aren’t willing or able to see the truth about.

Why would you have the gifts and vast experience you do if you “shouldn’t” monetize it?

Here is my woo-woo philosophy: (like my woo-woo picture?) 🙂

Whether you believe we are connected to God, the universe, source energy or Buddha, you have a soul purpose. You have “divine” gifts that ONLY you have. You have ideas, aspirations and messages that only you can share in your unique way. This source that you are a part of is also fully abundant. There is no lack. There is no scarcity. There is infinite wisdom and value within you. So if that is a part of you, then why are you choosing lack in your bank account?

Think about it. The very source of who you are is fully abundant, infinitely wise and divinely guided. The money you make is simply an extension of that. By denying yourself of abundance on any level, including with your money, is literally creating a block of your innate gifts from being fully expressed.

And my friends, we can’t change the world unless we play full out. Playing full out also means you get to charge for your services. No more “I can’t charge for that because it’s just so easy for me to do it.”

Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, just try this on like a jacket. See how it feels to wear this possibility of true abundance.

Here are three Keys to Unlock Your Abundance:

  1. Mindset – what you believe you can achieve you will 100% of the time.
    Your beliefs are the fuel behind your actions and behaviors. You can say all day long that you want to have a 6-figure or 7-figure business but if you have fixed beliefs that are harping at you “Money is bad, you can’t be spiritual and be rich, Rich people are greedy…” These are all lies that many people believe. You change your beliefs about money in general and YOUR ability to create and have money, and you will experience changes in your level of financial freedom.
  2. Action – I’m a huge believer in things like affirmations, vision boards and meditation. I love the Law of Attraction. And I’m a bigger believer in the Law of “Get off your bum and take action.” You have inspired ideas for a reason – so you can DO something with them. Keeping the ideas to yourself will eventually smother the idea.

    Many times people get overwhelmed by their big ideas and they don’t know where to start. Stop thinking about everything all at once. Thing about the vision of what you want and now what is ONE action you can take in the next day to get you closer to that vision? Just one thing a day toward your goal and you will get there. This is where having a mentor or coach will be your saving grace. We never see our own blind spots.
  3. Environment – Does your environment inspire you expire you? This includes your physical environment and people.

Look around your office, home and car. Is there chaos and clutter? Or is it organized and beautiful? Are you inspired when you go into your office? Clutter in your physical environment is a distraction and energy leak from you focusing on what you are inspired to do. Here are the two pictures in my office: (For those of you who know me, know I LOVE butterflies. The other picture is one of my favorites, to me it represents true freedom. It reminds me that I am capable of anything.)These images inspire me every time I walk into my office.

Now let’s talk about the more difficult subject…people. What do you do with people in your life who are negative or who I call “bubble bursters?” What do you do if they live with you or you are married to them? This is a really big deal and I wish there was an easy way to just snap your fingers and people would just be nice and happy.

The only thing you can do is BE who you are and create new boundaries in your life about how you allow yourself to be treated. The truth is we train people around us how to treat us by either setting the example or tolerating things for so long that it’s now a habit. You have to be the one to change it. If you are having challenges in your marriage then you want to contact my good friends Dino and Shannon Watt with The Business of Marriage. They are my personal relationship coaches so my husband and I can continue to have an amazing relationship, which directly correlates to the success of my business.

If your friends create drama and gossip then stop hanging out with them and get new friends.

When you manage these three things you will have more confidence, have less blocks and clearly see your next steps because there is the mental or physical clutter blocking the view of what is truly possible.

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