If you are an busy mom, women-preneur or executive, ask yourself when you really gave yourself permission to just BE and receive some pampering. When was the last time you took a bath or spent even a few quiet minutes listening to your soul?

I have recently experienced some cool shifts in my life and business and it’s from the most simple thing ever. I’m taking time to pamper and take care of myself and I “just say no” to new projects that don’t support my vision. This is HUGE for me. When I do this, my mind opens up to new possibilities and I create the space to receive the things I’m looking for. When before my mind was so full there was literally “NO ROOM at the inn.”

Plus, I’ve noticed that when I take time for self care, it’s a sign to the universe and everyone around me that I honor who I am and I’m deserving to receive.

Here are a couple of my favorite pamper pass-times that have assisted me on creating new serenity in my life.

~~ Serenity Facial by the lovely Aleca McKenna-Yates ~~
I have received the best facial of my life from Aleca. She has an fabulous spa space in her home in South Jordan and she has an energy that totally honors and pampers you will peace and tranquility. I left her space in complete serenity.

She is offering my networks a “Serenity Facial” for $50 (regularly $65). Treat yourself to this experience before the busy holiday season starts. OR you can get a gift certificate to use later in the holidays or to gift to a fabulous woman in your life. For the first five people who use this special offer, you also receive a free pair of hand-crafted semi-precious stone pair of earrings as a gift.
Email her at [email protected] to book your appointment or buy your gift certificate.

~~ Breathing ~~
When is the last time you consciously inhaled and exhaled five deep breaths? Right now, are you breathing shallow or deep breaths? Breathing oxygenates the body and brain and can energize you. Try this before going to the caffeine if you want some natural energy. And it opens up the mind to receive new insights.

~~ Bath with peppermint oil and Epsom or sea salt ~~
If you work on the computer a lot like I do, you probably experience tight shoulders, neck and back. When there is tense or stuck energy in your body, it can be hard to receive inspiration and feel motivated to take action when inspiration hits. If you want a little extra energy boost, place a piece of rose quartz (my favorite) in the water too with a few drops of peppermint oil.

~~ Images Salon~~ (Salt Lake City, UT)
This is my favorite salon in the area. Check out their Minx toes (trust me) http://www.minxnails.com/. Their full menu of services will pamper you in many ways. The owner Rhonda is incredible. When you feel and look fabulous you are ready to take on the world in a whole new way!

~~ Massage ~~
Enough said. Get one. Today. Here are my three favorite people, they all have amazing technique and energy:
Kyle Taylor at Soul Expressions Salon in Sugarhouse: (801) 467-9130
Lyndsey Holm – (Thai massage) Evolution Therapy
Michelle Bennett – (she does home visits too, request her at Sanctuary Day Spa at Gateway): (801) 456-2375