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December 1, 2011


Business Women Create New Collaborative Style of Networking

Business is changing in the US and women entrepreneurs are banding together to support more women in business to change the local and global economy. With events like Occupy Wall Street, there are many people who are concerned with how to make a difference for the economy.

Biz Divas, a networking group specifically for women entrepreneurs, has been supporting women in business since February 2008 with their monthly networking meetings.

Founder Angela Johnson says that “Building a business in today’s economy is the sure-fire way to make a difference for the economy in addition to your community and family.” She goes on to say “Entrepreneurship can seem scary, but it’s more secure than the uncertainty of job security and declining 401k plans. We (entrepreneurs) have a way of creating opportunities and I would rather be in that position that waiting for someone else to give me a job. Plus this way, I can do what I love every day. It’s true freedom.”

Biz Divas is a unique form of networking that combines a monthly speaker along with networking exercises so local entrepreneurs can collaborate with other business owners. Biz Divas is designed for women, although they encourage both men and women as their monthly guest speaker. Topics are focused on business and marketing trends as well as personal development.

The Biz Divas philosophy is always collaboration over competition and unlike other networking groups, more than one person per industry is allowed to attend. “This is done to imitate the real world,” Johnson said. “You can’t expect to go out into the world and be the only person in your industry. This teaches women from the very beginning the importance of having a unique message as well as the value of collaborating with each other so everyone grows.”

There are two Biz Divas chapters in Utah. Park City is hosted by Hotel Park City on the first Thursday of every month from 1:00-3:00p.m. and Salt Lake City is hosted and sponsored by Karl Malone Toyota in Draper, Utah on the third Thursday of every month from 1:00-3:00 p.m .

The Park City chapter is led by Biz Divas President Louise Edington of Fabulous and Fearless. Edington specializes in helping women entrepreneurs over 40 take their business online through social media strategies. You can connect with Louise at

“I’ve designed Biz Divas to be accessible to women entrepreneurs at any level,” said Johnson. First-time guests are free and annual memberships are only $200 when you register online. Without a registration, it is $30 per person at the door.

Biz Divas is opening its Park City chapter with its annual Winter Celebration party at Hotel Park City on December 8, 2011 at 1:00 p.m. To attend visit The Biz Divas Winter Celebration is also supporting troops in Afghanistan. A silent auction on donated items including handmade jewelry, candles and holiday ornaments will benefit sending holiday packages to Marine troops stationed in Afghanistan this holiday season.

“I think giving back to common causes that support people locally and globally is a way to bring the business community together,” Johnson said.

To donate items for the Biz Divas silent auction, contact founder Angela Johnson at [email protected].

To find out more about the Biz Divas founder visit


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