Humans are funny, aren’t we?

The only species (that I’m aware of) who are tenacious as hell, who overcome really hard things, yet struggle with things like imposter syndrome and crappy confidence.

Crazy, isn’t it?

Even in the face of hard things, we find our way back to hope.


The hubby and I watched “Rising Phoenix” on Netflix, which traces the history of the Paralympic Games. (highly recommend watching – OMG!)

There is a moment in the documentary that traces back to a Jewish doctor named Ludwig Guttmann, who was practicing medicine in Nazi Germany and did incredible work with soldiers with spinal cord injuries. It was at his facility that the Paralympics began.

Dr. Guttmann was eventually forced to leave Germany and when he arrived by boat to his new home as a refugee, he was standing on the boat ramp with his wife and children. An officer who was greeting the refugees fleeing from Nazi Germany said to the doctor along the lines, “Please come down first, we don’t want your children standing in the draft.”

Dr. Guttman said that simple act of kindness from a stranger restored his hope in humanity.

<I immediately started crying.>

After everything he had gone through. An officer greeting refugees who invited him to get his family out of the draft let him know that humanity is indeed, good.

<the cinematography is OMG amazing – watch this on Netflix>

This gets me to YOU and your business:

How do we use our marketing and content as a change for good? As a contribution to the good in humanity?

<I promise there is a connection with the story I just shared so hang with me for a sec.>

I had a MASSIVE ah-ha last week about WHY our content matters and it ignited something in me to be fully dedicated to being consistent in my marketing and content. <yes, I teach this stuff and still struggle with consistency, or at least I used to>

As people in my DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) mastermind were discussing their values and how those values translate to goals in their business, a few common themes popped up:

==> Can we make a true difference in the social issues that are important to us? These issues are big. I’m just one person.

==> Can I make a profit to support my livelihood, contribute to more people, and make my work accessible, and support social justice. Can these things truly co-exist at the same time?

The answer is yes and it’s so much simpler than I ever realized.

Here’s what I mean:

When we think about any significant change in our life and how that has impacted our life, family, and society, how did that change start?

Most likely, you had access to information (usually free or low cost) that caused you to start thinking differently.

It was a book, or an article, or someone you found on YouTube or Instagram. It was a conversation with a friend.

The way that information got shared with you ignited something to explore it further. And that led to seeking more, which led you to the resources to change something in your life.

You interacted with someone’s content and it opened up a possibility for you that you didn’t know existed. That person’s content was based in their values.

When I learned about diet culture and body positivity, I saw someone’s post on Instagram after my nutritionist mentioned it in a session with me.

I then found a podcast. Then a book. Then articles.

It completely changed my life.

All through someone’s content.

You have something important to say. Don’t wait for things to be perfect.

Maybe that one sentence that comes out of your mouth will restore someone’s faith in humanity.

<see, we came full circle with the story of the doctor> 😉

Here’s the power of content:

A client sold 30% more in her new business last month without a shopping cart, a broken website, and no sales page.

How did she do it? With a PayPal link and her email list. And part of this income is recurring revenue for the next year. #boom

Another client has their BEST month EVER in August in the three years of her business. She launched a new program that is unlike anything she’s offered and exceed her goal for enrollment.

When I asked her why she thought this worked, she pointed out that she has been consistent in her content to her IG followers and her email list.

Another client almost 6x her income from July to August.

When I asked her what helped her create this, same thing: She’s consistent in her content on social media and her email list.

BUT here’s the thing: they shared what matters to them. They show people who they really are. Not just fluff and crappy formulas to “post every day because you should.”

They are sharing from the place of their genuine values.

If you’re wondering if your message makes a difference, it does. But only if it gets out of your head and out there for people to receive.

Consistency with content usually brings up a lot about visibility and feeling safe to be seen. I’ll talk more about that next week.

In addition to watching Rising Phoenix on Netflix 👍, I’m inviting you to do two things:

1. Set time in your schedule to create and share your content. Get that brilliance out of your head!

2. If you’d like some support with your content, then join me in my upcoming Momentum Creator Session on September 24 where we will meet as a small group and get your content topics out of your head so you can change people’s lives and grow your income.

You’ll create your engaging content for your emails, videos, podcasts, and social media.

But what do you write about? What do you share?

We are going to put our butts in our chairs and get it done, together.

In this session, I’ll walk you through the exact steps I do when I do private Content Mapping Sessions with my clients. These private sessions are $350.

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Here is the framework we’ll be using for our session:

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Keep Creating What Only You Can Create,