If you are interested in hosting your own workshop, event, or retreat then I have some exciting news for you.

If you are interested in adding event planning for multi-day events for entrepreneurs to your services, then keep reading.

(Or if you know of someone who is interested, forward this email to them.)

I’ve hosted over 100 live events since 2009. Everything from small networking meetings to my largest being a 600+ attendee workshop. My specialty is hosting 3-day events and creating deep transformation for my audience and walking away with a high 5-figure or 6-figure payday WITHOUT breaking the bank.

Possibility #1:
Get notified when doors are open for Soul Vision Events, my in-person training about everything you need to know to host your own workshop or event AND make money without it being a pitch-a-thon.

I’ll be hosting a training on everything you need to know so you can do this YOUR way in the upcoming months. To be the first to know the details when they are ready, you can add your name to my notify list here:

Possibility #2: Become a certified onsite event manager for transformational entrepreneurs.

For those of you who have a knack for event planning and would like to do this for entrepreneurs who are hosting multi-day events, this option is for you.

The coaching world is missing something big: onsite event managers to manage the details of your event who also GET energy, intuition, and creating transformation.

There are a lot of folks who can find and negotiate with the venue, but does the event run smoothly so the event host can simply show up and BE their brilliance? And does the event manager GET the host’s desire to not only make great money, but facilitate deep transformation for their attendees?

After hosting events for years, I have what my clients call “The Event Bible,” which is over 100 pages of my event systems. For years, I’ve been helping my clients to host their own events, but when it comes to onsite event managers who can help them manage the details, I don’t have many people I can confidently recommend.

I’m turning my event systems into a certification program for detail-oriented people who want to be an onsite event manager for multi-day events, including retreats.

This is great for:

  • Virtual assistants who would like an in-person component to their business model and who would like to add an income stream to their services.
  • Wedding or conference planners who would like to know the intricacies of multi-day events for entrepreneurs.
  • People who have managed events and would like to do it professionally for transformational entrepreneurs.

You must be intuitive and get that transformation is more than following a system but also the ability to “read the room” and energetically know what’s happening at the event. In addition to teaching you all of my systems, I’ll also be teaching you tools to deepen your intuition for events, which will set you apart from other event managers.

I am guiding two people through the beta version of my certification program. At the end of the process, you will be certified and I’ll help you with your marketing so you can get clients.

You can use all of my systems for your clients PLUS I do a private 3-hour session with you to assist you in mapping out your marketing plan to get the clients, which is a big thing that I think is missing from most certification programs.

I have one person already registered for this beta program before the price doubles this winter and is open for registration again.

There is room for one other person to get certified at the half-off rate. Is this you?

You must be familiar with your marketing Archetype. If you aren’t, you can take the quiz here: www.AngellaJohnson.com/marketingquiz.

Ideally, this is for a Supporter Archetype who has a Truth Guide approach to their work and who enjoys working with Truth Guides.

If this is you, simply schedule a session to chat with me HERE and we’ll discuss the details. This is a no-pressure chat. Tire-kickers need not reply.

I wonder who the other student will be? I’m so excited to find out!