You know you need help, but what do you give someone to do for you?

I tell my clients to hire a VA for even just five hours a month. This does two things:

  1. It gets you out of “I-have-to-do-it-all mode” and gets you in the habit of having support
  2. It gets you in your zone of genius and into the tasks that actually make you money

You can Google lists of stuff your VA can do for you. Things like this: are really great lists.

Here’s a list of what I have my team members do:

Assistant #1:

  • Scheduling and managing all appointments in Acuity, which is the scheduling system I currently use
  • Website updates
  • Email System:
    • Sends newsletters (I write the content and a lot of the times I send the newsletters but I’d like to remove the sending of emails off of my plate completely.
    • Sets up reminder emails for live calls
    • Sets up email sequences
    • Tags people accordingly
    • sets up forms
  • Shopping cart
    • sets up products
    • connects the purchase to the membership system if applicable
    • sets up coupon codes
    • processes payments
  • Handles all customer service emails, including questions people have about their login info, access to programs, etc.
  • Figures out technology glitches and escalates issues to my web person if she can’t solve it

Assistant #2:

  • Event and retreat concierge and research
    • Communicates with the venue and vendors for all event details
    • Researches event details then provides the details to me so I can confirm decisions
  • Content Repurposing: Manages videos and audios on all channels
    • Posts one meme per week to my FB group and page that links to a previous video or blog
  • Pinterest (we literally JUST started) our Pinterest research to do more on that social media channel
  • Online research of all kinds

Web Maintenence:

  • Hosts my websites
  • does backups
  • Fixes glitches
  • Updates plugins

Funnel and Facebook Ads:

I have one person who does this from beginning to end. I provide the content and they do the rest. It’s dozens and dozens of moving pieces from creating the actual ads to creating the opt-in and sales pages to all of the emails in a sequence. She uses my content so it’s all in my voice, but she makes the magic happen.