I was recently in a room with over 600 entrepreneurs. From stage, the speaker asked everyone who is making over 6 figures to stand up. When I stood up, there were less than 10% of the attendees standing up.

This is the thing. If I can do this, seriously anyone can do this. I’m not exaggerating. I’m not being unrealistic. I’m being serious. You can do this.

This is how YOU can build a 6-figure business:

The Decision

Are you hoping for a 6-figure business or have you made the decision that you are creating it? Making a decision doesn’t mean that things will magically fall into place overnight. In fact, after you make the decision, don’t be surprised if you experience some resistance first.

Making the decision means you cut off all other possibilities. You do what ever it takes. You do the inner-personal work and you take action. And you do it again, and again, and you tweak the process as you go.

When people are committed they do what ever it takes. When people are “interested” then they do what is convenient.

This also does not mean that you start a business tomorrow, quit you job right now and “it will all work out.” Be smart about things. Use wisdom. And remember, you are exactly where you are, because consciously or unconsciously, you have decided to be there.

Monetizable Business Model and Message:

There are two ways to make more money: Sell more stuff or raise the prices on what you are currently selling. I recommend doing both. Is your product or service marketable? Is your message compelling your market to buy?

If you are a massage therapist charging $60 per session, then you would have to have sell 140 massages per month to have a six-figure business (which is $8,333.33 per month). That’s a lot of massages. I don’t care if you are superwomen, that many massages every month consistently will not be sustainable if you could even do it for one month.

So if the massage therapist raises their rate to $100 per session then that is 83 massages a month. That is still a lot. This is a great time to introduce a product line to your work (essential oils, supplements, other energy work that you charge more for, etc.)

If you are service-based business then never sell things in individual sessions. Always sell your sessions in a package or program.

Also, make your message unique. There are thousands of people on the planet who can put the same title that you have on their business card. But what makes YOU unique? YOU are your brand and people want YOU. So get clear on your monetizable message and niche.


I had high hopes in 2008 when I got fired from corporate America. I struggled for two years. In 2010 I made the decision. I then created a six-figure business and it’s growing from there. It was a lot of hard work. There were moments (a lot of them) that I cried through it. Moments that I just couldn’t believe it wasn’t working because I was doing everything right I thought. You must keep going. Your “WHY” must be stronger than your circumstances. The only way to truly fail is to quit. So keep going.


While you are on your path and things aren’t working, be open to changing how you are doing things. The definition of insanity is to do the same things over and over and expect a different result. This is where mentors come are essential because they have been where you are and they can show you what you aren’t able to see.

Getting support will change everything for you. The very fact that you are investing in yourself through hiring a coach will open the flow of abundance because you are now practicing what you preach as a business owner. If you aren’t investing in your business, yet you are asking other to invest in your products or services, you are out of alignment. You must be willing to do what you are asking others to do.

And this does NOT mean TRADE. Just say no to trades and “energy exchanges.” Until you are creating money to cover your necessities plus a little cushion, then no trades. And then after that, be VERY selective. You can read more about my Trade Soap Box here.



What is YOUR strategy? I see it all the time “So-and-so is doing a teleclass, so I should do one.” So-and-so is doing an event so maybe you should do one. So-and-so is charging $500 a month for their program, what should I charge?

Stop the comparison. There is value in modeling, but stop the comparison. What is your short-term and long-term strategy? If you have made a decision to build a six-figure business this year then determine what actions have to happen every month to get the results you want. If you don’t have a marketing plan, then it’s time to create one. No one ever accidentally became wealthy from their business.

The biggest strategy you can have is a follow up plan. Example:

  • You sponsor a booth at an event.
  • Have a giveaway at your table to collect leads. (The event is not about making lead generator.)
  • After the event, follow up with every lead and invite them to a free teleclass/webinar.
  • During the webinar, offer a service or a product.
  • Deliver that service to the people who buy.
  • To the people who don’t buy, offer a 30-minute consult with them to explore their needs. During that session, make a recommendation of how you can work with that person.
  • Everyone is now on your email list because they all OPTED IN when they entered your drawing. So you are now connecting with this list on a consistent basis. They will eventually show up to an event, buy a product or opt out.

There are a lot of details to this strategy, but this beats the strategy I see all the time:

“I bought a booth at an event and only got one sale at my booth. That was a waste of money and time.” NOPE. You didn’t do it right. You didn’t leverage the opportunity.

See the difference?


Set your intention. Have a goal. Write it down. Have a vision board. Say your daily affirmations. Meditate. AND TAKE ACTION. You activate the Laws of Attraction when you pick up your feet and work the Law of Action.

What actions will you take in the next 24 hours to get you closer to your goal? Write it down and now go do it.