This question has changed me. I was asked this question last summer and when I want a good reality check, I’ll ask myself this: What am I pretending not to know?

What I pretended not to know is:

  • How important taking care of my health was and that it made a negative impact on my business.
  • When I don’t get enough sleep it is a big deal because I can’t be totally present to my clients, family, friends or my.
  • Not eating healthy food impacts my bank account because I’m not fully engaged with my projects or inspiration because my body is holding me back because it doesn’t feel good.
  • How my physical well-being is the vehicle that sustains my 6-figure business. And I could take better care of it!

The last one is what the reality check that felt like a punch in the gut. Was my health really holding me back in my business.

I’m pretty healthy but was struggling with feeling tired, sluggish and just unfocused. Could it be the lack of movement and nutrition? And was THAT an energy leak in my business? YIKES!

I asked myself that question and I was honest enough to answer it. More importantly I asked myself what I was going to do about it. And started making changes. The result? Feeling FABulous! Released five pounds! Higher confidence. Better sleep. More energy. YES – this is improving my business too.

Why is this important? Because I want HOLISTIC success. I want to have it all. And that includes a healthy body with vibrant energy.

Are you ready to take on this question?

First think about a goal you have. Are you close to that goal? Are you stuck? For me I wanted to feel more vibrant energy to take action on my vision for my business.

Second, ask yourself: “What am I pretending not to know?” Then answer it. You will see the connections of what is keeping you from reaching that goal. For me the first thing that came up were statements about my health.

Third, ask yourself “What are you going to do about it?” Awareness is the first step, TAKING ACTION and changing it is the next thing.

This exercise can set you free from what is currently blocking you in your business. Could it be that you are pretending not to know:

  • You aren’t charging enough for your services.
  • You aren’t following through with contacts and it really is a big deal.
  • You don’t know everything you need to do so it’s time to get support from a great assistant and/or a coach.
  • That you are upset or hurt because you aren’t putting yourself first enough. (Yet you keep telling yourself that it’s okay.)