Ask and receive.

You’ve likely heard this before, right?

When I used to hear that, I rejected it. It couldn’t be that easy, right?

So I didn’t ask for stuff.

I was taught to be grateful for what I had and I could be happy with very little.

I saw my parents work really hard and heard a lot of “someday… if/when we get a lot of money…” and we would dream about what we would do IF…

Then I learned how to work really hard to create things I desired…

I stayed at jobs that I hated. I even worked for a boss who was verbally abusive to everyone around him. His temper tantrums included pounding his fists on the conference room table when he got mad, which was all the time. My thinking was, “But I’m making $60,000 a year and I can’t make that anywhere else.”

I worked 60+ hours a week at most of my jobs.

I went to the gym five days a week and ate tuna out of the can (super gross) to force my body to change.

There was a lot of force involved and I made stuff happen, yet I always felt like I was behind – I never quite got ahead and it was never enough.

In 2014, I declared joy in my life. I didn’t know how I was going to get it but I kept “putting it out to the universe” to show me something different.

I had questions like this go through my head hundreds of times,

“What if I learned abundance through abundance?”

“Can I learn joy by being joyful?”

I just didn’t buy the philosophy that we need to learn through contrast anymore.

And things started shifting. Magic came into my life – the kind of magic where things got slightly easier.

I had learned some powerful tools by Gay Hendricks about the power of curiosity and questions.

Then I learned about the power of asking questions and began studying it through books, Access Consciousness classes, and other sources, including good ol’ Google.

Questions are not, “Why did you do that?” or “Why am I such a loser?” <== That’s an accusation/judgment with a question mark at the end of it.

I’m talking about questions like:

What would it take to be invited to teach on other people’s platforms to thousands of people?

This was a question I played with several times while I was on vacation in Oregon in July. I would ask it while on the coast and imagine the ocean carrying it out to the universe. When I got home and got back to my inbox, I had two invitations to teach on online platforms that have millions of students.

What energy, space, and consciousness can I be to be invited to speak on global stages?

After playing with that question, I then got an opportunity to speak in Australia where I made over $10,000 in an hour from what I sold from stage. What’s even cooler is the cost for my flight was less than $200 when I used miles and some other perks. Wow, how easy was that?!
The days of over-working, worry, and hoping that things work out are now filled with ease. Things just work out better than any plan I could figure out.

Asking questions to create your life is more than finding the good parking spaces. It’s about creating a life that’s full of ease and magic. It’s about having things show up without you having to force it or work really hard.

What if you just asked for things you desire to show up?

You can check out this free training I did on my Facebook page here:

But here’s the thing – most people don’t ASK.

We hope. We hint. We wonder. We work hard. But we haven’t been taught to ask.

In school, we’re supposed to have the answers.

And definitely, don’t ask for too much and stay humble.

It makes sense that instead of asking, really smart people default to one of these “askers:”

Hoper / Wait and see-er – Wishful thinkers unite! This is when we hope and hope and usually get to the point that we accept the fact that we can’t have it too good.

Pray-er – This most definitely has the potential to offend some folks so hear me out. I love prayer. I love people who pray. So here’s the challenge with this type: there is a lot of prayer, but not a whole lotta action. Like my friend’s mom told me when I was in the 8th grade, “God helps those who help themselves.”

Planner – also known as the perfectionist. You’re great at details and sometimes a bit obsessed with them. If you have the right plan, then you can make it happen, right?

Pusher – You’re not afraid of a little (or a lot) of hard work and if you work just a little bit harder, you can have what you desire.

Half-asker – You ask once – then get pissed, doubtful, or just annoyed that it doesn’t show up right away. You sorta ask and sorta have things who up in your life.

When I forget to ASK, my default is the Planner and Half-Asser, I mean, half-Asker 🙂

What if you could ask for anything and it shows up?

Most people have been programmed to believe that what we will “manifest” is according to our hard work, value, positive thinking and/or worthiness.

This creates a perpetual cycle of striving to be better and a huge dose of judging ourselves like crazy because we’re never perfect enough.

What if creating has nothing to do with our worthiness or working hard?

Are you willing to activate possibilities beyond what you’ve ever thought possible?

If you would like to play with asking these generative questions in a 30-day practice, join me here.

Just like a meditation or yoga practice, asking questions is a practice.

Here’s what’s included in my ASK class. (Everything is recorded and you can join at any time!)

Week #1: Set Your Target + The Science Behind Asking Questions (how it works and what it expands in our brain)

Week #2: How to Shift the Molecules

The universe ALWAYS responds. What are you giving the universe to respond to? Most people are taught that they aren’t powerful enough to initiate a response from the universe let alone create with it. What if everything showed up just because you asked it to?

Week #3: Let Go of the Inner Half-Asker

Ask and receive is such a simple concept, yet we get in the way. In this module, you’ll get what it really means to ask and choose vs work hard to “manifest” things.

Week #4: Ask for More

Now that we’ve been playing with questions and getting out of our way so we can receive what we ask for, it’s time to up the ante. What are you willing to ask for that you’ve not given yourself permission to ask for, until now?

Every week, you’ll receive:

1. A PDF of questions to play with for your life, money, business/career, relationships, body, health, and more.

2. Audio of questions with journal prompts to expand your asks and your collaboration with the universe

3. Audio clearing loop to clear limitations and blocks that are stopping your asks from actualizing. (This uses The Clearing Statement by Access Consciousness.)

At the end of our 30 days together, you’ll…

  • Be in a consistent practice of creating through questions
  • Experience more ease with creating magic in every area of your life
  • Let go of struggle and acknowledge your ability to create beyond challenges
  • Actively create possibilities vs solving problems
  • Have WAY more fun creating your life

==> Join ASK here

In the meantime, keep being awesome and changing the world.