Just when I think I start to “get” Twitter, I get confused again. So I know there is more for me to learn. A few tips I’ve recently heard:

-Tweet about someone else compared to yourself in a ratio of 3 to 1. So talk about someone else three times for every one time you mention yourself or something you are offering.

-My own personal pet peeve: Why are Tweeters telling me what they are eating for breakfast, or if they are going to the bathroom? Does that add value to my life?

-Go easy on the quotes. I love quotes that inspire me, BUT when I see someone’s posts and they have more than five per day, I get lost and wonder how anyone has that much time to look up so many quotes. Am I missing something here?

-Add a picture to your profile. I have a rule for Facebook and Twitter. No picture, no follow. Yep, I know, it may be harsh, but I want to connect with you.

So some questions I have?

Is it best to put a personal photo or logo if you are Twittering on behalf of your biz?

How often should you tweet?

How do you create value-related tweets that aren’t salesy?

Tell me what you think.

NOW, here are some official Tweet Tips from http://www.twitip.com/13-twitter-tips-and-tutorials-for-beginners/

Just starting out on Twitter? Looking for some Twitter Tips to get you started?


Twitter is bound to have a load of new users today as it is being featured on Oprah – so I thought it might be a good day to share some tips for the beginner Twitter user who is just getting going with the medium.

  1. What’s in it for Your Followers? – How to be Useful on Twitter
  2. 10 Easy Steps for Twitter Beginners – good sound advice and tips on getting going on Twitter
  3. 8 Sure-Fire Ways to Tick off the Twitterverse – a few things to avoid on Twitter
  4. 5 Ways I Benefit from Twitter – this outlines why I love Twitter in my business of building blogs
  5. Defining Your Twitter Goals – this one is more for those who want to use Twitter for other purposes than just letting their family know when they’ll be home.
  6. How to Set up a Twitter Account – most of your are probably past this one but it could be useful if you’re a ‘Pre-Twitter’ user.
  7. 5 Steps to Model Successful Twitter Users – an exploration of a few ways that Twitter is being used
  8. Think Like a Toddler and Find Your Voice on Twitter – using the analogy of growing up as a kid to growing as a Twitter User
  9. Twitter in Plain English – cool video on the basics of Twitter
  10. What Twitter Application is Right for You? – looking at some of the tools people use on Twitter
  11. 10 Traits of Highly Effective Twitter Users – some good advice for growing your profile on Twitter
  12. How to Get More Followers on Twitter – a question many ask. If you’re not a celebrity to start with – you might want to read this.
  13. 6 Ways to Maximize the Use of Your 140 Characters – basic ‘Tweet Writing Tips.

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