Wanna know the piece of coaching that rocked my world four weeks ago? What totally shook me up and caused me to question EVERYTHING? What caused me to let go of a ton of guilt, “should-haves,” and “what-ifs?”

First, let me explain the state I was in. I was hungry for something to shift in my life and businesses and ready to release what ever block, problem, what ever I had to, so I can get the results I wanted quicker. I saw some recurring patterns in my life and business and I was DONE! It was those tiny, little nagging things that added up to be big results.

I had realized that the whole idea of working harder, going a little bit longer, hang on tightly because it will eventually work out was a lie. And I had bought into it. But that wasn’t the real problem. The real problem was how in the world do I reframe THOSE stories of “working harder” with something that actually works? How do I stop working harder and work SMARTER?

Anyone else with me? Have you ever felt just so READY to be DONE with the current self-created circumstances? Have you ever felt like something has GOT TO GIVE so you can see the next step? I was there. I was soooooo there. Granted, things were going pretty well but I was ready for spectacular.

So I set the intention to find a teacher. Someone who can show me what I’m not seeing.

Then I come across Suzanne Evans. I was awed and inspired and loved her irreverence. She teaches business how it is while making an impact on the world worth noting. She didn’t cut corners, she is bold, honest, and most of all BRILLIANT. On our call I was asking her about the options she had available for clients and she got done telling me about her programs starting at $67 a month for a do-it-yourself product to her premium $47,000 a year package. I didn’t even question whether she could deliver $47,000 of value to my businesses and life. The only thing I was questioning is HOW I could swing forty-seven grand right now. Seriously? I’ve never purchased a car for even that much mula!

I settled on her $10,000 annual program and said something like “Hmmmm, I’m just not sure how I can make this happen right this second. There has got to be a way…”

And this is what rocked my world!

Suzanne said “Angela, what is there to worry about? You haven’t even made the decision. Until you make the decision there is no ‘how’ to even consider. You have to make the decision FIRST, the way will unfold but only AFTER you make the decision.”

Eh? I went into defense in my mind. I have to know what my options are and how each one would work and analyze what would work best and, and, and…let the insanity begin. Then I got it. OMG. I got it.

How many times did I THINK I was making a decision and I really wasn’t? I was preparing for Plan A to take place, while also preparing for plan B, C, D and F in the background of my mind going at the same time. No wonder I got confused, frustrated and got mixed results. I was giving my energy too many things to focus on.

When I thought I was making a decision, I was really letting myself off the hook from being 100% committed to my ideal outcome. End of story.

Making a decision means cutting yourself off from all other options. It means taking all other options off of the table. It means doing what ever it takes to fulfill the vision. (It doesn’t mean over-committing and doing it all by yourself while working yourself to death.)

I realized I had made a lot of “decisions” by default.

So I made the decision to work with Suzanne who is a seven-figure coach. When I made the decision the way unfolded. I put a project on hold because I realized that wasn’t my priority. This gave me the additional cash flow I needed. I launched a new product and program because it was finally time to stop hiding. Her program ended up being decreased in price by just over $4,000. I received money from unexpected resources. I found a killer flight to Orlando where our first live meeting will be with Suzanne and a mastermind. Everything supported me taking full advantage of the opportunity. I made the DECISION and expected it to be so. Things are still unfolding to support my DECISION.

When I catch myself saying “If this doesn’t go as planned, I can always do plan B, or it’s not a sign that I should do it…I know I haven’t made the decision but once again let myself off the hook from getting what I know at some level is possible.

“IF I hire (insert ANY company hire), HOW would I afford it?”

“If I attend this event, HOW could I schedule it in?”

“If I tell my client this isn’t working out, HOW will they respond.”

“If I tell my significant other they are bugging me, HOW will they react.”

Notice your conversations, if you start the statement with “IF” and it’s followed by worrying about a hypothetical situation, STOP. There is nothing to worry about until you make the decision. And even when you make the decision, worry isn’t required. Worry doesn’t get you closer to your desired results.

It’s simply making the decision. Commit. Take action. Ask for guidance. Rely on what you DO know. Trust. Surrender. Take more action. Get quiet. (Not entirely in that order, but close.) And the way will unfold.

Now this doesn’t go to say, you can’t change your mind ever. Or that it’s not useful to consider your options. But, do you get the impact of this on your relationships, bank account, business, health, etc. My world is still shaking from this simple, yet profound concept.

Making a decision means I take full accountability for my results. Yep, it can be a bit intense at times. But after all, I did say that I was “ready for something to give” so I could see my next step. Who would have thought that the ‘thing that would give’ would be my habit of being indecisive. Because if it didn’t work out, I would be the only person to point a finger at. WOW – now that is total honesty.

That is the true power.

And nothing feels better than to look at your results and know that you created it. You created the way. You received the support to make it possible and you couldn’t have designed it any more perfectly.

The only question left is “What is your decision?”