Yesterday I asked people who are in my Abundance Challenge (a free 8-day program) what their top struggle is with marketing and people responded with many different things.

It broke down into four categories:

  1. Where to find ideal people to market to.
  2. How to keep it easy.
  3. How to own your value when other professionals in your industry are succumbing to lower pricing.
  4. What to do step-by-step so you don’t waste time and money and actually get results.

During this 8-day Abundance challenge, this group is exploring the 8 steps to build a Soul Vision Profit Path so they create more money, joy AND purpose in their business.

Three of the steps on this profit path are the TOP three reasons why service-based businesses aren’t making more money. I call these three steps the 3 Money Keys and they are:

  1. Message
  2. Marketing
  3. Offers

Not having these three money keys right in my business was why I woke up one day in early 2012 and realized I didn’t like my business.  That was a big problem and it’s a big problem for other soul-inspired entrepreneurs who feel that authenticity means something more than a buzz word.

Here is what I see people do in their marketing and it’s enabling people to eventually quit instead of thrive:

  • People aren’t sure of their message that makes them stand out, so they start chasing the shiny things in marketing. They focus on social media, or making videos, or paying a company to get them more fans on Facebook. But there isn’t a message behind the marketing so the marketing fails.
  • They do a little bit of this and little bit of that. They don’t stay consistent in their marketing because they don’t have a message they are confident about. So they keep changing things. The result? A confused market who isn’t buying anything from them.
  • Then they have offers that are generic and don’t inspire them, so how can it possibly inspire someone else to buy? Again, a lot of work and no resutls.
  • The other common thing I see is people constantly comparing themselves to other people in their market and that comparison is the foundation of why they do certain things in their marketing.
    “So and so is doing an even, so I need to.”
    “So and so has 14 people in her mastermind, so that must be how many people I need in a mastermind.”

Comparison is the root of all pain. Period. So please let it go.

YOU have a unique message. YOU have unique ways that you will market because you don’t fit into a box.

The vision you are in touch with today is bigger than what you know is possible.