2012 has been brilliant at teaching me some powerful experiences.

Gratitude is the ONE thing you can do regardless of your circumstances to start changing things to be better. 

I’m grateful for the experiences of the past year. Here is what I‘ve learned so far in 2012: 

  • Buying cute workout clothes won’t motivate me to work out. 😉 lol 
  • Tears are good. Sometimes the tears that I held in years ago can come at the most inconvenient times.
  • Laughing reminds me what is really important and it’s not the big stuff I worry about.
  • Having a six-figure business is hard work. And it doesn’t answer all of my money concerns. Yes, I get tripped up with money stuff too.
  • People come and go. Friendships will change. The perfect people who are my teachers will be there when I need them.
  • A coach will never fix me. I will never fix my clients. A good coach helps you to see how you can fix yourself.
  • My husband is a very patient man. I’m not equally patient and I’m working on it.
  • I didn’t know you could love someone so much as the day you see a baby being born. When I experienced my niece Adelyn being born it changed me as a woman, as a sister and as a human being. I have so much more respect and adoration for life and the miracle that my body is. It made me love my curves even more.
  • I love to teach and speak. Doing that makes all the stuff in my business I don’t love worth it.
  • I never know what battles people are truly fighting. I’ve learned that the moment I make an assumption (judgment) about someone is the moment I’m not willing to look at my own stuff.And when I really look into a person’s life, I see their brilliance and I’m amazed all over again at how powerful we are.
  • People are strong. I am strong. I am amazed at the strength and courage of people.
  • It’s okay to let people go and only surround myself with people who are positive. And that is a tough one for me because of the previous statement in this list.

I’m grateful for all of it. The ups. The downs. The tantrums I throw when I don’t want to do something. 

This season there is a lot of gratitude being shared. 

My message for you is to be grateful for yourself while you are sharing your gratitude for other things. 

You are the center of your universe. Without you, the connection you have with your higher power if you have one, can’t live through you. 

Without you taking action, learning, crying, laughing, doing, being… you can’t experience the joy and abundance that you do. You make those things happen. YOU.

WEWE are in co-creation with everything around us, including each other. I’m grateful that you are in my world.

Be kind to others. Be even more kind with yourself. Give yourself more credit because I find that people are pretty hard on themselves. 

Remember that you are a gift to the world. 

If you aren’t in the US or don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, receive this message with my intention of sharing from my heart about how amazing I know you are. Even if we haven’t met in person or haven’t had a conversation, I know that if we had the opportunity to connect, even just for a moment, I would see your brilliance and courage. It’s just who we are.

With Love on this Thanksgiving Season,