In my new free Soulpreneur Money Quiz  I talk about some of the money leaks that first show up as relationship leaks.

I have seen and even experienced some of these surreal ways people sabotage their business. See if you can relate with any of these:

Not building their business because you are afraid that if you actually “make it” then you won’t have any reason to stay in your marriage.

Not charging for your value because then you’ll make more money than their parents and you feel bad for that. (I thought that if I made more money than my parents I would appear ungrateful to my parents and their lifetime of hard work.)

If you make more money then you won’t have things in common with your “broke” friends who like to talk about their money problems.

Telling yourself that you will speak, hold your own event, or get new headshots, etc. after you lose weight. Or after you are “ready.” Or after your new website is up.

Did I push any buttons with those examples?

Will you really walk through the fire? 

I’m at Darla LeDoux’s Align It Live in Las Vegas and something she said really hit me:

When one door closes, another door opens. But the hallways are a b!tc#.

Not only at this event, but in the past six months especially, I’m meeting all of these fellow SOULpreneurs who have been in the hallway sometime in the past 18 months. Some of them are currently there and it’s really good news. Here’s why:

The hallway is where you birth the next version of you and your work. It’s where your life’s calling comes to life. And it usually kicks you in the butt before it makes its full debut into the beautiful work you are bringing to the world.

Our work is not just about helping people. It’s who we become in the process of really embodying our message.

When I took on the purpose of leading spiritual entrepreneurs, I faced my spiritual self head on. There were days that didn’t feel enlightened or graceful. In fact, there/are moments and days that sucked.

When you decide to teach something and really own it, then you can count on deepening that teaching in your own life. You’ll feel tested and exhausted and exhilarated if you decide to stick with it.

That process of embodying what you teach at your very core creates the magnetism that attracts your ideal clients.

In the hallway is where most business owners quit. They quit before the next doorway has fully opened. And guess what? Usually you have to open the door yourself, no one will open it for you.

What to do when quitting feels like an option:

1. Get support.

The support needs to come from another committed entrepreneur. This is NOT from a family member, parent, spouse or friend who really doesn’t know what it’s like to put everything on the line and go for it.

People who haven’t put their blood, sweat and tears into something are often times the first to give advice but they have no idea what it really takes to make something happen. These are not the people to seek advice from or listen to when you are contemplating quitting.

When you want to be supported in your story of “how hard it is” or how much it sucks, you will likely unconsciously reach out to those people who will support you in your excuses. Avoid that temptation and reach out to someone who is going to be honest with you and see what you are really capable of.

2. Take a break.

This can mean an hour, a day, a week or even longer. When you take some space from the problem, you’ll come back to the situation or struggle with new energy.

You’ve got to step out of the fire in order to put it out. So step out of your current energy and focus on new energy for a solution. What you focus on expands.

3. Get in a community.

It can feel like you are the only one who has ever had a launch that tanked, or a client who quits, or a month of cash flow crisisthat is until you get into a community of others who are walking through the fire too.

Business owners who are in isolation will find it easier to quit.

4. Remember your vision and your big why.

If you don’t feel connected to your business anymore, you may have been following a system or formula that wasn’t authentic to what motivates you.

I remember when I first realized that I wasn’t motivated by money. I had to create a motivation in my business that aligned with my values. So I remembered why I started my business in the first place: to empower women to find their voice. That is the whole reason I started this.

When I reconnect to that vision, then the challenging moments in my business dissipate and I know what my next step is.

Find your reason and connect t that.

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