Will you say “Yes” when it really matters?

Last week was a roller coaster of emotions. A close family friend passed away in a train accident last week; Larry person was a father figure to me.

To say that I’ve been devastated is true along with also having some of the most surreal experiences that have activated my gratitude and purpose on the planet to a whole other level.

I was asked to speak at Larry’s funeral. It changed me forever.

As someone who loves words, how could I pair down Larry’s life and the impact he has had on me in ten minutes or less?

Could I do this man justice by the words I share in front of his friends and family? Could I say something worthwhile to give an opening of peace to his wife and his three sons, whom I love dearly?

As I stood there in the front of the room looking into a sea of people who were sad, heartbroken and quite frankly still trying to take in this sudden change in our lives, I learned that our words have a profound impact – more than we know.

Larry is known for how he made people feel because he took such great interest in making people feel accepted and valued. He made his words count.

Your message creates your legacy.

Keeping our message to ourselves because of fear, or the false belief that no one will want to hear what we have to say, or whatever the excuse is, stops people from getting the next step they are looking for to create a better life. Ultimately this is how we create a better world.

Your message isn’t only for you. It’s for other people and it’s time to start sharing it. Share it in the way that feels authentic to you: writing, speaking, art, hugs, how you treat people…

Different people who spoke about Larry kept using the words “legacy” and “authentic.”

How could I find the words to talk about Larry? Because he was always authentic. It didn’t matter what kind of situation it was, he always showed up 100% himself.

The message you LIVE, EMBRACE and EMBODY NOW is the legacy that you will leave behind.

It doesn’t suddenly happen when you have more time, more money, lose the weight, or whatever. It’s who you are when things aren’t going according to your optimistic plan.

It’s who you are when no one seems to be looking or listening. It’s who you are when you want to take a break and you either have the choice to keep moving forward or to quit.

Your legacy is how you show up when you aren’t on stage.

Lastly, this Larry had two funeral services – one in the community where he had spent the last 30 years and the other in his hometown where he grew up.

After I spoke at his first service, his wife asked me if I would speak at his second service also where the majority of his family was, including his precious mother.

I was honored and said yes without hesitation. What his wife told me next made me think about how far I’ve come. She said, “I’ve asked some of his friends to speak and they won’t do it because they are terrified of public speaking.”

I realized that these friends would give tribute in the way that they could and I was grateful once again that I have the gift of speaking what is in my heart.

I remember the time in my life (not so long ago) where the thought of public speaking, whether in front of 10 people or 1,000 people, totally freaked me out.

It was because I faced that fear and was willing to do it all wrong before I “got it all right,” that I can speak in front of people now.

It was because I was willing to share my message when I thought no one would want to hear it and when I was worried I would be horrible at it, that I was able to calmly say “Yes, I’ll speak,” when it really mattered.

Giving a voice to someone’s life legacy was a profound gift that I’m still processing because it has impacted me so deeply.

When you have the opportunity to speak up, will you?

Guess what? That is your opportunity right now. Your legacy is happening right now. Show up 100%.

Live your message right now and whatever that “next break” is that you may be waiting for, realize that it’s not going to come because it’s something that YOU have to create. So go create it. Build your own platform.

Speak up. Your message matters. It matters more than you know.

I just wanted to share this message with you outside of my regular newsletter because this experience is changing me and my business. My hope is that you will consider who needs to share your message and go share it.

With Love,


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