I had formed a mastermind with some other thought leaders.  At the time I was struggling in my business – it felt like breakdown after breakdown. (This was right before I came out of the spiritual closet a couple of years ago.)

I could tell that this mastermind wasn’t the perfect fit; I didn’t feel understood or really heard in the group.

This mastermind informed me that I was being let out of the group because (I’ll never forget these words) “Your dreams are too big and you are too emotional.”

I was super pissed. And hurt. More hurt than pissed. Ironic that I was so emotional right?

I didn’t really understand what my former mastermind members were telling me – I couldn’t really hear them.

I don’t know how they intended it,  but I finally know the lesson in it for me.

At an event I attended a few weeks ago I got the message. The message was reiterated this past weekend at another high-level event I was attending. The message has been reflected back to me through colleagues and clients experiencing something very similar.

Alright universe, I get it. I’m seeing the message everywhere. The message is this:

You can be an amateur or a pro in business.

Amateurs do this:

  • Wait until they feel confident BEFORE they take action.
  • Tell themselves they need to work on their mindset more before they create a marketing plan.
  • Think that if they just meditate a little more and get their energy “right,” they will attract more clients easier.
  • Discount their prices because they don’t feel worthy or they buy into their client’s money drama.
  • Create (usually unconsciously) drama, breakdown, trauma as a way to keep healing themselves instead of focusing on income-producing activities.
  • Often say things like “I’ll sign the contract after Mercury Retrograde is over,” or “I’ll market myself when the planets are aligned better.

I’ve done all of the things on this list.

For empathic, intuitive SOULpreneurs, our emotions are real and need to be felt.

So how to you feel deeply AND do what it takes to build your business like a pro?

I’m highly intuitive and highly empathic.

There are some days I put the gift in a bubble so I’m not overtaken by other people’s emotions.

Now add the way my brain works about business, marketing and strategy (I go a million miles an hour) and it can feel like a swirling tornado. It’s why getting grounded and clearing my energy are just as essential as taking strategic actions.

Can you relate? So how do you focus when the tornado is happening?

Let’s try an experiment and this will work especially if you are worried about something right now.

Bring to mind something that is worrying or concerns you. It could be big or small.

Now ask yourself:

Is this mine? (you’ll feel a yes or no)

Is all of it mine? (you’ll feel a yes or no)

Whose is it? (you’ll sense if it’s a family member, family or society)

Or just part of it mine?

If it’s just part of it, what percentage of it is mine?

More often than not, you will either sense the answer that ‘No, it’s not yours.’ And if it is, a very small percentage of it actually belongs to you.

More often than not, you have taken on someone else’e beliefs, patterns, worry or stress. And when you do that as a way to “help” someone, you ROB someone of their soul lesson to have that experience. You delay their breakthrough!

Being the awesome person you are, you know that’s not really serving people.

With the power of intention, just give that energy back to the original creator and send it back with love and grace.

Do this often throughout the day and especially when you are in the process of upleveling.

The first step to running your business like a pro is to return people’s energy back to them instead of running it through your consciousness and body.

The second step to run your business like the soulful person you are AND as a professional is to make decisions.

Indecision is self abuse (thanks to my good friend Alexis for that nugget this past weekend)

Have you decided that you want to make six figures? Or are you hoping for it to work out?

Have you decided to take on three new clients in the next 30 days, or are you waiting to see if it will happen?

Being on the fence about something is a really painful place to be.

After you’ve made the decision, it’s time to do something about it and this is the true test of amateur vs pro.

You won’t ever feel totally ready. You’ve got to do it afraid.

Pick one action that scares you and get it done.

P.S. Distractions create lack of clarity and confusion. This is where people get stuck for days, months and even years. Have the courage to DECIDE to be clear.

Take an action to back that up and you will create new proof that things are working. And THAT is how you build confidence. Decide + Do.