Problem Solver or Solution Provider?

Problem Solver or Solution Provider?

Are you a Creator of Possibilities or a Problem Solver?

This may not be what you think it is.

Traditional marketing is about finding someone’s pain or problem and solving it.

“What problem does your ideal client have? Find that then sell them something to solve it.”

That has been advice I’ve received for over a decade now and while there’s some truth in this, I wonder what would show up in your bank account if you went beyond this obvious and overdone formula?

There is a difference between “solving a problem” and “CREATING possibilities.” read more

Why we stay silent – my thoughts about the world and what we can change

Why we stay silent – my thoughts about the world and what we can change

Today, I had scheduled an email promoting my newest class about messaging. This needed to be shared first.

It’s an interesting line we play with – run our businesses and market our stuff and use our voice to create a different possibility on the planet – and ideally, do both.

If you’ve watched anything on Facebook in the past few days or the news, you’ve seen the events occurring in the world, particularly in Virginia this past weekend.

The question that I deeply wonder about is, “Is what I’m doing and being in my life and business making an impact on humanity in the way I desire it?” read more

A workshop. Leaning in. Learning Italian.

It was not a regular Monday night. I sat there feeling stupid. I was behind. I didn’t understand.

As the teacher was describing first, second, and third-person verb conjugation in Italian, I suddenly couldn’t remember what that even meant in English, let alone this language that went from being beautiful, to hard and frustrating.

I wanted to run. I wanted to quit. Every time I felt stupid in school came rushing back.

But I stayed. I leaned in.

I practiced the words. I attempted to roll my Rs with my braces and while I’m getting much better, it was hard! read more

Are you pity selling or giving value?

Are you pity selling or giving value?

Pity selling vs giving valueI was in Las Vegas a few weeks ago celebrating my friend’s 40th birthday and while exploring Freemont Street, I saw this sign in front of a street artist’s booth. My heart sank.

I was drawn in by his art. But rather than staying intrigued with it, this sign turned me off completely.

Why? Because when people try to draw me in through pity instead of giving value, I don’t stay engaged.

While I appreciate people’s ability to make a bold ask, I don’t buy things out of pity or being guilted into it. read more

{Soulpreneur Sunday} I-don’t-care Accountability

{Soulpreneur Sunday} I-don’t-care Accountability

lifetransformation“I’ve never seen any life transformation that didn’t start with someone getting tired of their own bullshit.” ~Elizabeth Gilbert

Every time I change something in my life it’s because I’ve gotten absolutely tired of my own excuses.

I see where I’ve been getting stuck…where I’ve been buying my own excuses. As a possibilitarian, it’s painful to habitually choose limitations. It’s depressing.

I’ve even created “legitimate” excuses because I haven’t just wanted to own up to the fact that I wanted a break from creating my life. read more

Three Money Keys

We’ve complicated business as a whole. I’ve done. You’ve done it haven’t you? And the coaching world has most definitely done it.

When you take away all of the fads, hype, and overnight success formulas, it breaks down to three things: 

  1. Do you have something of valuable to sell?
  2. Do you you have people to sell it to?
  3. How do you reach those people?
  4. How do you do it YOUR way so it’s authentic, fun and creates actual results?

That’s why the Three Money Keys are the basics of what will shift your business. When you get these three things in sync, your business will work.

Money Key #1: Message

What you do, who you do it for, and communicate it in your authentic style.

If you are new to learning about my marketing archetypes, then know this: Your message communicated YOUR way is what attracts people to you. It’s not making sure you talk about the pain points and the guaranteed results, it’s about connection. read more

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