When you’re just not feelin’ it – but you’ve got a biz to run.

You know that moment when you realize that you need to take your own coaching?

That moment when you say YES to you, your life, your dream, your upleveled reality, and everything that is not in alignment with that shows up ready to ask you if you are really ready to move forward.

Yeah, that moment. The “oh $hit moment.”

Something crazy cool happens when you say YES to YOU. Big awareness shows up. Excitement. Woohoo.

And other stuff shows up too.

Resistance. Fear. Sometimes things even blow up. read more

Another Closet to Come out of + Marketing Tips for Introverts

Introvert. Extrovert.

Which are you?

Introverts get a bad rap. I’m going to be bold and say that most “introverts” I meet are really extroverts that are incredibly empathic and they use the “introvert” label as an excuse to play small.

I know this because I’m describing myself.

Before you get upset or defend your introvert label, hear me out.

I’ve been silent for the past month. It takes a lot to shut me up. I’ve been coming to terms with the fact that I’m not as introverted as I thought I was. I’ve been hiding out. In my cave. Pretending to be introverted in my internal process and world. read more

Manifesting in High Heels

Manifesting in High Heels


A couple of years ago my uncle told me something that I’ll never forget about luck.

He asked me if I love what I do and with a huge grin on my face I said “Yes, I absolutely love it,” to which he replied, “you are so LUCKY because not many people can say that.”

It’s not luck. It’s making decisions, taking risks and persevering the way MOST people talk about but never actually DO. (That is the formula for manifesting by the way.) Manifesting-in-High-Heels-Pinterest-2014-10-06-Angella-JohnsonSo when I had an opportunity to be an author in Manifesting in (High) Heels – Secret Rituals to Achieve Success I jumped at the opportunity. Why? To collaborate with other women who were creating big things in the world and share our tools with YOU because ladies, it’s time to play a bigger game and we’ve got what it takes.But enough about me – let’s talk about you.

When you get your copy today, I have some gifts for you!

I want to give you something BIG when you buy your copy of Manifesting in High Heels to get your manifesting groove on.

After you buy your book, simply forward me your Amazon order confirmation and you can choose from either:

soulvision-1c349b72-fbb1-4b9a-9616-de9f0c0ec74c-v2Option #1: Soul Vision Abundance Kit >>

  • Learn your money type and how to enhance your strengths.
  • Get my favorite manifesting tool: Soul Vision Journal
  • Learn easy money tips to create financial freedom!

OR Option #2: Soul Vision Marketing System  read more

Myth Busters Part 2: Live Events – hot tips for hosting and attending

You cannot imitate the kind of transformation that happens in a live environment but even so, I stopped doing my big events this year. Why? I couldn’t do the event formula any longer.

I have a knack for pulling together a big vision with the right colors, content, flow and ambiance together to create a big impact.

Live events in the coaching industry are getting a bad rap and for good reason. Generally, event hosts are assuming (although I believe they are unconscious about this) that you are not smart enough to make decisions without pressure, that you are desperate, or both.

Live events break down into: 1-filling the room, 2-giving content/value, 3-making an offer, 4-repeat. The bigger the event, the more details you manage.

Here is the coaching industry standard: Host a 2-3 day event, fill the room how ever you can, make your big offer on the afternoon of day #2, tell people the what and just part of the how so they “are more motivated to buy your big offer,” give people a show and they will be impressed. The end. Repeat every time you want to have a 6- or 7figure payday.

Easy peasy right?

People are seeing through this formula.

You’ve been there right?

You give your $97 or $197 refundable deposit. You show up and register with 100-1,000 other people who have done the same thing. And you get your refund check along with your name badge.

You feel the energy, staff is wearing their branded shirts and the events signs that are strategically placed, let you know that something big is happening inside that hotel conference room.

You go in the room with loud music and low lighting…then you see it: The opening act.

Sometimes it’s the speaker, sometimes it’s top-dollar entertainment and you start feeling that thing in your gut tha

Myth Busters: Are 6-figure businesses real?


I’m on a soapbox…for good reason.

There is this fad in the coaching world about six figures and I’ve got to talk about it.

It goes something like this:

“If you don’t make six figures within your first year, or possibly two, then you aren’t building your business right or fast enough.”

“Once you have a six figure business, you’ve made it.”

“I went from a big fat zero to $100,000 now to $350,000 and my online program will show you how too.”

“I crossed $500,000 so far this year in sales.”

Those are amazing accomplishments – truly spectacular, especially when you think that less than 20% of women-owned businesses right now cross the $100,000 mark.

But none of that is REAL. Here is what I mean.

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