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I promised I’d share with you my five tips to create a soul-inspired habit, which is our goal for your marketing.

Just like anything you’d like to change, making money consistently in your business is done through marketing.

Here are the five things that have helped me and my clients the most:

1. Simplify it

When people aren’t taking action on their marketing plan, most of the time, it’s because it’s complicated like crazy. when it’s complicated, you’re tired before you even start.

Simplify it. What is ONE thing you can do today to grow your business?

Just one. And then do it.

2. Stack it

As a nerd, I love knowing why things work. Not just because someone said so and you’re supposed to do certain things. The inner rebel in me just doesn’t buy it.

While studying how habits are formed, I’ve been fascinated to learn how the brain works to support our habits. One way that you start shifting the way your brain fires its beautiful synapses (the things that make you do the stuff you do without having to really think about it), is to stack the habit you are wanting to create with something you already do.

For example, if you want to start working out, what is something you already do three times a week and you can just pair it together?

Maybe it’s to take your son to preschool so instead of going home for the 2.5 hours to just turn around and go pick him up, you get yourself dressed in your workout clothes as you get him dressed for school. You drop him off and then you go to the gym for an hour. You then run errands (stuff you already do other times in the week) and pick him up.

For me, every Monday I have a swap session I do with a colleague. I now block out 90 minutes after this call to write my content for the week. I’m already in creation mode. I’m actively thinking about what I’m doing in my business and now I just block out the time.

3. Get Clear on YOUR Why

I cannot tell you how many times that when I’m not doing something that I think would be good for me it’s because it’s either really not that important to me, but I put a “should” upon myself OR I didn’t get connected enough to it and didn’t see just how important it was to me.

If you haven’t given yourself some time to just ponder why you want to grow your business or why you want your marketing to work for you, take some time this week to do that. If you can, set aside 30 minutes TODAY and ask yourself these questions:

– What will my life look like if I implement a regular marketing practice? Why is that important to me?
– What else is available to me and my business if my marketing was handled and I knew what to do?
– Why did I start my business in the first place?
– If everyone around me agreed with me and supported me, what would I choose to create?

4. Make Space for It

Look at your calendar and see how many things are for other people.

How much obligation is on your calendar? Things you should do…

Are the majority of things on your calendar things that bring you joy? Genuine joy that nourishes you?

If you don’t have space in your calendar to build your business or whatever habit you are looking to create, it won’t happen. It just won’t, until something drastic happens that forces you to make space for it – a breakdown of some sort.

If you’re not already blocking out three hours per week to grow your business, start there. This time is great for creating content (blogs, videos, audio, social media), creating a marketing plan, and implementing that marketing plan.

5. Recognize the Pain and Claim Your Desire

In order for something to change, either the desire has to be big enough or the pain has to be bad enough for you to shift something.

Most people create change when things get really bad – no money, a health scare, a breakdown of some kind.

But I invite you to go beyond the pain points. What do you truly desire?

This is different than identifying your why in #3 above.

This is about being honest with yourself.

If you think you need to overcome your competition to get noticed, what if that’s not true?

You must get through the biggest internal competition and that is being so good at just getting by that you have forgotten you can create far greater.

Let me say that again but slightly different to make sure you hear this: If you have a habit of being really good at surviving or just getting by, it might feel normal.

You can create greater and have ease and consistent income as your new normal.

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Cheers to New Marketing Habits!