One of the most common things I hear from entrepreneurs about why they don’t market themselves is that it’s overwhelming.

“I just don’t know what to do.”

“How do you get it all done between taking care of clients, writing, creating content, the tech stuff, and then there’s life… and kids… and laundry.”

“I don’t know how to do the tech stuff (and how do I afford to hire it out if I’m not making money?)

The list goes on.

I’d love to hear from you – what is your biggest challenge or resistance to marketing? Comment below. I love to know how I can serve you even better with my courses and content.

The thing is, change is always overwhelming until it becomes a habit.

Change is usually very inconvenient. There are always legit excuses and reasons for where we can spend our time.

It’s annoying until we choose to make it a habit.

This goes for your marketing, too.

Think about something you’ve changed – maybe a habit in your relationship, or your health… what did it really take to change it?

For example, earlier this year, I started doing Pilates. The few times I did it in the past, I loved it. But where we used to live, it took 40 minutes to get to a Pilates studio.

I just wasn’t that committed to dedicating 90 minutes of driving time for a 50-minute class.

Plus, I was out of the habit of working out – it had been years – so it was especially easy to not go or do any sort of workout.

Last year we moved and guess what? There was a Pilates studio five minutes away from the house.

I had no real excuse anymore and decided to give it a go and attended classes at the nearby studio.

Dang, it felt good.

My body loved it. My joints didn’t hurt. I love the conscious and intentional movements vs the hustle and force of other workouts I had tried.

Even though it felt great, I had to talk myself into going to class almost every time for the first six weeks.

I knew the payoff would be worth it, so why was it overwhelming? Why did I resist it?

The answer is simple, yet complex: it wasn’t a habit yet.

Plus, I hadn’t blocked out regular time in my schedule for it.
(Take note of these two things, I’ll circle back around to them.)

I have to consciously choose to be the kind of person who connects with my body and to get stronger.

I like being that kind of person. It feels great.

(What kind of person would you like to be in your business?)

The reward is bigger than the pain of feeling like crap in my own body.

This is just like marketing.

There will always be a reason to not do it even though we know if we just did it consistently, we’d get stronger.

It would get easier. The payoff (money, clients, visibility, etc.) would be worth it.

Is marketing a habit? Something you do daily? Or at least a few times a week?

Or is it an afterthought? Is it something you’re still trying to “figure out?” Are you mostly avoiding it?

Most people think “marketing” is this giant and official process that usually requires advertising dollars, a complicated plan, or a “launch” of some kind.

Here a few examples of what marketing can be:

1. Marketing can be as simple as hosting a free monthly call and inviting people into conversations with you if they’re interested in working with you.

A client of mine just did this with a free 5-part call series she hosted. She delivered incredible value and so far five people have stepped forward who are interested in working with her.

The bonus is she has further developed her body of work, she has great testimonials from people, and the five people have paid her to have a conversation with her.

2. Maybe your official marketing plan centers around local networking and genuinely connecting with people every week.

3. Or maybe you are great with words and you turn your monthly blog into memes, social media posts and you record an audio of you reading your blog out loud.

With all of those things (the blog, memes, and audio), you share it on social media and newsletter, even if you have a small online presence and a tiny email list and you invite people into a low-cost digital course you have. You sell 15 of your $200 product and make a consistent $3k a month.

Use the above example with whatever you’re selling. Maybe it’s 2 packages a month at $5k or $10k.

The key is to do it consistently.

With so many people talking about premium pricing and complicated funnels, we have lost the essence of simply connecting with people, giving value, and sharing with them how we can help them further.

It. really. is. that. simple!

Next up, I’m going to share the five things I do when making a new habit that you can apply to your marketing.

When your marketing is a conscious soul-led habit, it’s not only easier but it just gets handled.

And when your marketing is done consistently, you make money consistently.

Plus, you have a level of ease and confidence that’s present and that fuels your entire life. Hustle and burnout are a thing of the past.

The bonus is you’re helping people and making an impact.

It feels friggin’ amazing.

See my five tips to create a habit right here.