Angella Johnson

Business Alchemist | Courage Ignitor | Collaborator

Angella Johnson loves to empower entrepreneurs to think differently and follow their intuition instead of cookie-cutter formulas. She blends practical hands-on business tools and strategies with transformational inspiration and “woo” to teach your audience to live in possibility.

Event hosts and attendees frequently comment on how real and approachable Angella is, while at the same time she elevates them to think differently and provides tools they can use right away to change their life and business.

Angella can deliver incredible value in short 20-30-minute presentations and give more hands-on experiential tools in 60-90-minute allotments and ½-day workshops.

With diverse topics from personal development to marketing, below are the most common topics Angella gets asked to speak on:

{Personal Development Topic}

Activate Your Alchemy: How to Create Magic and Live in Possibility

With all of the healing that self-aware people do, why don’t things change? What if we could choose to change rather than healing something that is “broken?” Do we really have to have a breakdown to have a breakthrough?

With a blend of humor, truth bombs, and practical tools, Angella will:

  • Cover the five Alchemists and how to activate the true Creator within so fear and doubt stop running the show.
  • Show how to create with more ease through the power of Expansive Questions.
  • Teach simple tools to end the epidemic of self-judgment and fully trust yourself.

{Marketing Topic}

Discover Your Marketing Archetype™ to Attract Clients, Transform Lives, and Expand Your Profits

Brilliant SOULpreneurs often despise or avoid marketing, yet desire to make an impact and consistent money. What’s the solution? Many people turn to the marketing formulas that promise big results and when they don’t work, they blame themselves for not doing things “right” or for working hard enough.

There is a reason why the formulas don’t work and in this dynamic and eye-opening presentation, you will discover Marketing Archetype™ and learn how to:

  1. Stop despising or avoiding marketing and discover what really works to grow your business.
  2. Highlight your natural strengths so you stop chasing formulas that won’t work for you.
  3. Leverage your impact without the hype or hustle.
  4. Wisely invest in resources and hiring team so you stop wasting time and money on things that don’t work.


{Live Events Topic}

Transform Lives and Unleash Your Profit by Hosting Your Own Live Event

After hosting over 100 live events, Angella knows how to create 5- and 6-figure paydays but it took losing $40,000 on her very first large multi-day event. She has mastered the balance of having a big vision and profit-building strategies that creates deep transformation for the attendees while creating a substantial profit, especially with a bootstrap budget.

Many multi-day events in the coaching industry are just disguised sales pitches that focus on making money. On the flip side, there are many people who host events that only focus on the transformation, which leaves the event host without making money and sometimes barely breaking even, or worse – losing money.

Known for her love of details and maximizing a bootstrap budget, Angella shares her 3x3x3 Live Event Model so you can generate 5- and 6-figure paydays without breaking the bank or succumbing to desperation strategies like giving away free tickets to “sell out” a room.

Your audience will learn the power of creating their own platform plus everything they need to do before, during and after a live event, including how to:

  • Maximize a bootstrap budget for your event so you don’t break the bank.
  • Fill a room with the right people without giving away free tickets.
  • Create transformation for your attendees so your event is memorable.
  • Understand and create content strategies that sell without creating a pitch fest.



Get to the Heart of Your Marketing and Claim Your Value with Your Soul Message Archetype™

Finding the right words for your message is a common challenge for business owners. People try out various versions of their message and when it doesn’t result in getting clients, they change their message again and again or try to explain their value by using way too many words. Meanwhile, the person you are talking to is unengaged and not interested.

You know you have something great to share so how do you embody your message so people just GET it?

In this presentation, you will understand which of the five Soul Message Archetypes™ is your primary strength so you can:

  • Confidently own your value and stop doubting your impact and charge what is truly aligned for you.
  • Clearly see and understand your unique solution you are bringing to the world and the deep impact it makes for your clients.
  • Create a strong marketing message that attracts people who are ready to invest in your services.
  • Use fewer words to engage people in what you are providing and get out of the energy of proving or explaining what you do.

Getting ready to speak at be365 Global Awakening in Denver, CO.

About to take the stage and teach the Marketing Archetypes™ to 150 SOULpreneurs in Melbourne, Australia.

To book Angella to speak to your group, email your event dates and details to and Team AJ will connect with you about the best way to contribute to your audience and event vision.


Frequently referred to as a messaging and marketing genius and the “Harry Potter” for business, Angella blends the world of strategy and intuition together to guide entrepreneurs to make great money doing the work they love.

As the creator of the Intuitive Marketing Method™ and the Soul Message Archetypes™, she blazes the path for entrepreneurs to trust themselves, break the rules, and radically change what they think is possible and make more money without the hustle or hype.

Angella has a global business and works with clients privately, in her classes, events and retreats and has shared stages with dozens of visionary leaders including Lisa Nichols, Elizabeth Gilbert, and Lynn Twist. She is known for her game-changing and simple strategies, her authentic vulnerability, and her ability to merge practical tools and strategies with deeply intuitive coaching.

Get free trainings and connect with Angella at

To book Angella to speak to your group, email your event dates and details to and Team AJ will connect with you about the best way to contribute to your audience and event vision.

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