Angella Johnson

Keynote Speaker | Workshop & Retreat Facilitator

Keynote and Workshop Topics:

  • The Future of Business: Trauma-Informed Messaging and Marketing
  • The End of Bro Marketing and Boss Babe Marketing and What to Do Instead
  • The Power of Curiosity and Using Questions to Create Momentum in Your Business Your Way
  • Messaging Without Pain Points – Does it Really Work? 

I deliver incredible value in short 20-30-minute presentations and love to give more hands-on experiential tools in 60-90-minute presentations and ½-day to full-day workshops.

If you have an audience who values a relatable and down-to-earth approach and you want them to walk away with more than just a temporary feel-good moment and give them real tools they can implement right away, let’s talk about how I can contribute to your event goals and vision.

To obtain full topic descriptions and/or a speaker’s sheet, send an email team[@] with your event details.

Speaking Fee

My starting speaking fee is $3,500. There is some flexibility in my speaking rate if the event is local to Northern Utah. I reserve non-profit rates and pro-bono speaking spots every year for non-profits and events that are just starting out that support great causes. 

Short Bio

After being fired in 2008, Angella Johnson started her business and quickly found the dark side of the coaching industry after spending $250,000 on coaches who all preached the same thing:
Follow the formula, work harder, and fix your mindset.

She knew she couldn’t be the only one who couldn’t stand one more bro marketing strategy so she created her own messaging and marketing framework, The Intuitive Marketing Method™.

She then incorporated trauma-informed practices to guide others to nurture their nervous system while they build a simple, profitable, and sustainable business that’s also fulfilling and joyful.

You can learn more about her work at or @angellajohnsonbiz on Instagram.

Long Bio

Why do people sabotage themselves? Being a business coach since 2008, this was the question that led Angella Johnson to go to grad school at the young age of 45 (20 years after her undergrad) where she conducted qualitative research and sought answers to this life-long question.

She finally saw why decades of self-help, mindset work, and trying dozens of healing modalities, in addition to spending $250,000 on business coaches, couldn’t solve her quest to transcend limiting beliefs and self-sabotage. 

The missing piece was understanding trauma and how our nervous system is at the core of every belief and every action we take. If you’re thinking, “But, I don’t have trauma, that’s for other people,” you’re not alone. Many people don’t identify with having trauma because it’s been a taboo topic, yet it’s the missing link for people to truly thrive. 

As a business coach who specializes in trauma-informed messaging and marketing, Angella helps solo entrepreneurs and organizations grow their businesses without paid ads and without posting on social media every day. She created the Intuitive Marketing Method™ to show people how to create 1-page marketing plans that actually work and how toxic-free marketing is a form of activism to reimagine a world where everyone has resources to thrive. 

You can learn more about her work at or @angellajohnsonbiz on Instagram.


Angella Johnson speaking headshot. Only use with permission and include photos must be accompanied with a link to

Getting ready to speak at be365 Global Awakening in Denver, CO.

About to take the stage and teach the Marketing Archetypes™ to 150 entrepreneurs in Melbourne, Australia.

To book Angella to speak to your group, email your event dates and details to [email protected].