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Pricing Perspective and People’s Expensive Opinions

An attorney will invest at least $150,000 for their law degree. A hair stylist may invest around $3,000 for their license.

Which person offers more value? Which one is “worth” their hourly rate?

So how much is that person worth? One hour of sitting in a salon chair? Or getting those knots worked out of your neck? Or getting your gorgeous logo designed? Or your accountant who files your taxes.

In this blog, I examine the worst advice I ever got: “Charge what you’re worth.”

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Episode 43: Spirituality. Religion. Connection. Curiosity with guest Tai Goodwin

In this Business Alchemy podcast, we are talking beyond business and who you are at your core and how that is expressed in all areas of life. Take this journey with us as we explore topics like what it means to be Christian, how the black community is questioning their faith in light of the recent administration in the US, and what it means to be fully expressed in your business.

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