Happy New Year! Today, I’m sharing my favorite two questions to ask when I’m creating something in my business and an invitation to join me in more magic in your business.

This New Years was no different than what my hubby and I have done for the last decade (by choice).

My hubby and I hosted a New Year’s party and at the stroke of midnight, we sang happy birthday for my hubby! (He’s a Jan 1 baby.)

Then the next day we had lunch where we asked each other two questions I always ask people on their birthday:

  1. What were your favorite things about the past year?
  2. What are you most looking forward to in the upcoming year?

This isn’t about resolutions, it’s about acknowledging what we’ve created so we can create an even more expanded future than we’ve thought possible.

As we both shared our favorite things and what we’re creating this year, I was overcome with gratitude that we have created the relationship where we can do this with each other.

This year, one of our targets is to bring him home from his job.

Why do we do this process every year with each other?

What we acknowledge we can change. What we judge, stays solid and cannot change.

If you’re looking at your 2017 and hoping for things to be different, start with acknowledging what occurred and what is occurring, then share your gratitude for it. Then CHOOSE what you’d like to change.

After decades of doing just about every ritual you can think of to “manifest” abundance (aka money but I never called it money because “abundance” was more spiritual), a skinny body, love, and the career of my dreams, I started doing things differently a few years ago.

One of the things that changed everything is acknowledging what I’ve already created and having gratitude for it.

You have 100% success rate of getting back up when life got hard. If you’re in the middle of something tough right now, look back and acknowledge that every other time, you’ve had the courage, energy, and strength to keep going and know that you’ve got this!

If things are great for you right now, are you willing for things to be even greater? Be aware for any “this is good enough” energy that can limit the possibilities.

If you could create anything, what would you choose?

In 2015, I was in a self-formed mastermind with three other people. We met once a week for an hour. We dedicated this time to ourselves and to each other and met for several months.

What amazed me was how much each of us created by doing three simple things each week:

1. Got clear on what we desired to create (vs fix a problem).

For example, things like:

“Create a highly engaging Facebook group that empowers thousands of people to create more in their lives.” (vs fixing the problem: “I don’t know how to reach people on social media.”)

“Get paid to travel to gorgeous places and do the work I love to do.” (vs: “I can’t afford to travel.”)

“Create a global business and be invited to share my message around the world.” (vs: “I have to grow my business globally to be successful.”)

“Work with a few high-end clients each year.” (vs: “Who will ever pay me tens of thousands of dollars to work with them?”)

(By the way, the creations above were all actualized during our time together in this mastermind.)

2. We asked questions and activated our asks

My favorite two questions to create magic in my business are:
What would it take to _______?
What energy, space, and consciousness can I be to _____________.

Then we would ask each other questions, which further activated the universe to co-create with us.

3. We cleared our Points of View

Our points of view create our reality. It’s that simple. I use The Clearing Statement® and other magic tools from Access Consciousness® to do this. 

It doesn’t mean you’ll not have a bad day or stuff show up, what it means is you will maneuver over and through the bumps instead of getting stuck.

4. We Took Action

After our weekly calls, we were all committed to take action. But not just any action, but action that was aligned with what was light for us and congruent with our awareness.

Honestly, this was the first time I had experienced creating epic things in my life and business with so much ease.

I was so used to working really hard for dismal results, this experience changed everything.

I’ve been using these same principles for a couple of years now and things get better and easier.

When you take these steps and add the magic of marketing and business tools, your business will grow with even greater ease, joy, and magic.

I’d like to invite you to the CREATE Club, where we do what I’ve outlined here.

Can you do this on your own? Sure. 
And… what would it be like to be in the energy of others who are choosing to create? What if you didn’t have to do this on your own? And what could be created if you were willing to receive my support and facilitation?

This group program includes three live group sessions with me a month where I facilitate:

  1. Asking questions (and Activate your asks)
  2. Training and Clearing (I provide a mini-marketing training and we run The Clearing Statement on anything in the way of you creating magic.)
  3. Implementation with open office hours where you can ask me anything.

This is a six-month program and when you register by January 10th, it’s $697 USD. That’s not per month, that’s for the entire 6-month program.

And until January 5th, you also get The Money Club that has over 20 hours of money trainings and clearings.

We start today and everything is recorded so you won’t miss a thing!

You can get all of the details here.

Happy New Year!