Pain Points Marketing

Most marketing and messaging tips that we’ve been taught are about focusing on the pain points.

➡️ What’s the problem? What are your top challenges?

The theory behind that is if the pain is bad enough then people will want to change it.


There’s one teeny tiny problem with that, it perpetuates the deeply ingrained cycle of looking for what’s wrong.
And if we are always looking for what’s wrong, what are we creating? What are we emanating? What are we tolerating?

No, this isn’t about sticking your head in the sand.

When something’s not working, self-honesty that it’s not working is a powerful tool.

What’s actually happening with MOST people is they’ve gotten so used to the problem, that it’s become their identity. How they get by.
Life is manageable even with the “problems” they say they want to change.

If you’re a coach who’s dedicated to helping people transform something in their life, stop asking what’s their top challenge.
🤔 So what question can you ask instead?
💎 What is one thing you would like to change?
💎 What are you most looking forward to when that change is implemented?
💎 Why is that change is important to you?
💎 What do you hope/feel is possible with this change?
💎 Who would you have to be to create that change?
💎 How can I help you create that change?
💎 Can I share with you how I can help you create that change?

It’s important to acknowledge people’s “pain points” but don’t keep people there. They’re used to their life that way. It’s comfortable on some level otherwise they wouldn’t be experiencing it.

Help people see what’s possible and if you’re the person to guide them to create it, then let them know.

Look at your home page – is it solely focused on “Are you tired of…” questions and pain points?

Or are you calling people out of their comfort zone into what they desire vs where they are comfortable?

When I share this concept with people, I get two reactions:

OMG! I didn’t realize I was doing this. Thank you for showing that there is another way!

OMG! But pain points work. If you don’t market with pain points, how will people know how you can help them?

Like, my friend, Alexis said years ago when we were talking bout this, “When will we stop treating people like they are stupid and like they actually know what they want?”


You have to unlearn some things.

You have to unlearn this form of marketing. You have to be willing to trust that people will buy without manipulation and most marketing that is taught is all about manipulation.

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