What’s your unique rhythm for 2021? Are slowing down on some things? Are you ramping up in other areas?

2020 has taught me a few key things:

✨ We need each other – not in a needy co-dependent way, but we are able to thrive when we have community and support.

✨ Simplicity is essential for joy and flow, including financial flow

✨ Creating space for what matters is non-negotiable (this is a lesson I get deeper and deeper every year)

✨ There truly is no magic formula to succeed in business, no matter how we keep looking for THE thing that promises to provide results.

I just wrapped up a small-group mastermind I facilitated for the last six months and one of the things I do with my clients is I help them find their next coach if I’ve walked them as far as I can go with them.

Sometimes, this means the person hires more team and we map out that process. Other times, the person is ready for a new community or coach and I make suggestions for them. I’ll even make introductions to people I recommend they interview as their new coach. And when it’s right, we explore the best way to keep working with each other.

When I started this process with clients years ago, my clients were shocked that I would help them find their next coach if we felt like we accomplished everything we could and it was time to “fly the nest.”

Why do I do that? Because I want my clients to win. I want you to win. And I believe that there is plenty of business for everyone.

As we close out one hell of a year, what do you desire for your unique rhythm for 2021?

This is a question I asked in my planning event this month. Instead of identifying a rigid plan that you’re SUPPOSED to do, what your unique rhythm?

A rhythm has some level of predictability – it has a flow and just the right amount of repetition without it being boring.

For a lot of visionary entrepreneurs – their rhythm is inconsistent and unreliable. And then it’s easy to think there is something wrong with them or they are flawed because the results are also inconsistent and unreliable. (You’re not broken, we just gotta help you find your rhythm.

I’d love to help you find your rhythm in 2021. Just like I do with my client to help them find what’s next, can I help you find what’s next to support you in 2021?

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