Your business is about to get a LOT easier. (If you're willing.)

I empower and guide you to bring strategy + intuition + magic together. There is no formula, which is likely the opposite of what you've been told by the gurus as the "right" way to build a business. 

You may even have one of these things occurring: 

1. You're smart and work hard, so why aren't things working better?

While it's tempting to push harder or invest in yet another program or spend more time to figure it out on your own, what if there is nothing to fix and there is nothing wrong with you? What if it's simply aligning your business to what works for YOU? 

2. If you don't have a clear message, what do you market?

If you're not clear on your offers and who they're for, your marketing and message fall flat. If you don't know how to market your services, you may be "hoping" for money but you're not creating it. 

What would it be like to put your vision into action and create your life and business with more ease and magic?
Let's find out.

What if you could create beyond anything that you ever thought possible?

Access Consciousness® classes and resources.
There are four ways we can CREATE together: the monthly club, a retreat, a mastermind, or a VIP day. Check them out here.
Value-packed and super affordable support for your biz.

Transform Events is coming soon!

There are two sides to this program: you can take the course to plan out your own profitable and transformational event. Or, you can become a certified Transform Events onsite event manager using my systems that I’ve created over the last several years from hosting over 100 live events.

Get more information here and add your name to the vip wait list to be notified when doors open!


With a background in copywriting and graphic design, I love helping Truth Guides get their message and brand to express their brilliance with the world.

Explore what’s possible here. 

What are my Superpowers?
Explore how we can create magic here.

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