“Angella is a brilliant mentor and strategist. She has a way of taking your ideas and putting them into streamlined words that make sense and resonate with your target market. I walk away from our retreats with step-by-step action items for propelling my business forward within the next 30-90 days along with business plans for future growth. I get amazing insight on what needs to happen immediately and what should happen in the next 1, 3 or 5 years. There is unparalleled support and accountability to keep me focused on growing my business and help me move past any fear or distractions that threaten to derail my forward progress. Angella is an honest, transparent, brilliant, no-nonsense strategist and mentor.”

Nadia Brown

Leadership Expert, Speaker, Coach and Facilitator, Doyenne Leadership

Before working with Angella, my biggest obstacle was finding a business expert who was compassionate and could understand the blend of spirituality and strategy that I bring to the table. I also needed someone who could help me capture the work I do in a non-cookie cutter way.  I needed a marketing expert who understood my business and could help me preserve my authenticity and my uniqueness in my messaging. Working with Angella was very powerful. She’s a supportive and strong force who helped me brilliantly capture my new brand and the message I am trying to convey. I loved that she was super straight forward and gave me a good compassionate kick in the butt when I needed one. 🙂 When I wasn’t able to own my strength, she was there to shine a light and help me remember who I am and why I do the work I  do. She was SO giving with her time and her heart. I TRULY felt as if you had my back 24-7 (and still do) I have not seen someone who put as much heart into supporting their clients as you do. She truly come from a place of service as evidenced by the beautiful connections that she facilitated for me since I have known her.

Stacy Michelle Slawitsky

Leadership Expert, Speaker, Coach and Facilitator

“Hiring Angella was one of THE best business decisions I have ever made. As an Akashic Records Reader, I wanted someone who would combine the spiritual know-how + the kick ass strategy to my business. I hired Angella when I was ready to re-brand my business. I was going from being known as a health coach to an intuitive wellness expert. We had to change everything about my business from my programs, offerings, message, pricing, marketing materials and my entire website. My work with Angella was the pivot to changing everything. The re-branding gave me the confidence to promote myself in this new way, have a new radiant energy about my work and to be more visible.
As a result of the changes we implemented in 2.5 short months, I had the highest grossing months in my business, I began having an awesome reputation for my work and the whole process was pleasurable, fun and we got some serious work done. I knew our work would be intensive and the unlimited email access was instrumental to having my doubts answered, sales conversations improved and marketing and copywriting tweaked. P
lus, having the peace of mind to know how I was going to make my first six figures was priceless. Angella took the guesswork out of my business and helped me every step of the way to create a new business that lights me up, is generating consistent income and that is helping a lot of women.
Thank you Angella for your brilliance. I love you :)”
Priscilla Stephan

Soul Purpose Expert and Business Intuitive

“My greatest challenge before my reading was that I felt blocked and in lock down from moving forward in my business. I had been running around in circles with ‘where do I go from here.’ Angella helped me become very specific and clear about what was holding me back. She guided me to realize on a deeper level my true desires in my life and business. I was able to identify areas that required healing and forgiveness. I feel like I am back in the driver’ seat creating my life and business. Two days after my reading and becoming more specific I enrolled a client in a VIP day and a 90 day program.”

Jennefer Blostein

Angella Johnson is a genius marketing + business strategist! After completing a VIP day with a top-notch coach and we created a pretty solid business model + marketing strategy. However, Angella Johnson took that plan and expanded it 10x. She is a true visionary who truly cares about women on a mission putting their work out in the world in a really big way that authentic and genuine. And she has this innate ability to see how your work can put out there in different mediums.  We created a phase 1 and phase 2 of a product I made to include making an app that clients can put on their smartphones!  It was ingenious, gutsy, and innovative… which describes her in a nutshell. I walked away from our time together with a clear plan on what I need to do and how to do it. And that wasn’t even the best part! Angella has a beautiful way of coaching that is loving and firm, but shifts you out of your sh*t quickly.  I’ve never felt more confident, comfortable, or clear about the value I provide to the world. If you are looking for marketing + business strategist who cares about you and the work you do AND you are willing to stretch into an even bigger vision of your business, Angella Johnson is your powerhouse mentor!

Alexis Logan

Women's Leadership Coach, Embodied Authority , Alexis E. Logan

“It is a joy to get to be coached by Angella. She’s one of the most powerfully creative strategists around.  In addition to this, she’s got the ability to laser in and find the right alignment for whatever is being worked on.  And I love her willingness to call you out to play bigger.  In a sea of sameness and inauthenticity, Angella is a shining light because she’s so committed to being in Truth and Integrity at all times. Working with her on my business growth and strategy has been a key to getting more clarity, playing a bigger game, and ultimately making a whole lot more money. ”

Therese Skelly

Money Money Mindset Mentor & Business Catalyst