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I thought being a Projector was a curse

My first exposure to Human Design was not a great one. In fact, it took a few years to unwind the damage that was done.

I paid $28,000 to work with a coach for nine months and part of that program included a Human Design reading, which is how I discovered Human Design for the first time and that I’m a Projector. 

(Unfortunately, I hired several high-ticket coaches and learned the hard way that someone else’s strategy wasn’t going to work for me no matter how hard I worked. You can read more about my story here: https://angellajohnson.com/about/.)

Having no clue about Human Design, I was a sponge and soaked it all in. I’m always game to learn anything about myself and how I uniquely operate so this was really exciting for me.

I don’t remember much about the reading other than learning that I need to “wait for the invitation.” This did NOT sound like good news and when I asked about what this meant for marketing my business, I was told, “Well, marketing is just going to be harder for you.”


Important note: this coach was not officially trained in anything Human Design related. Self-study can be great, when it’s in-depth and WHEN it’s not harming people. 

How was I supposed to “put myself out there,” and “be visible,” like all of the coaches and gurus were saying when I needed to wait for the invitation?

As a marketing coach and consultant, this very inaccurate advice really messed with my head. I struggled in my business for a couple of years after that advice because I internalized it and It became a self-fulfilling prophecy.

What does “waiting for the invitation” even mean or look like? 

It wasn’t until a few years later, I met with Kris Prochaska that I could understand what waiting for the invitation really meant and more importantly, that it wasn’t a curse. 

In fact, when I learned more about my design from someone who was trained and an actual expert in Human Design, my whole life made more sense. 

As Kris says, “There are no bad designs,” and that’s when my healing began.

I understood why I just couldn’t keep up with the hustle game that I was being told to follow and more importantly, I learned what my unique path to success was.  

I also learned:

  • How to be “invitable” so I could receive invitations and what was blocking invitations.
  • Why sleeping in my own bed is something I need to do every so often.
  • How spaciousness in my schedule is a key ingredient for me to thrive.
  • What my profile (4/6) means and how to use it in my life and business.
  • What being a splenic Projector means and how I best make decisions.
  • Why unsolicited advice always backfired when I did it + why I despise it when it’s done to me.
  • Why paid ads are always a bad idea to market my business (this is the 4 in my profile).
  • Why people hire me and it’s not because I have the end-all-be-all content (this is the 6 in my profile).
  • And a lot more. 

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A Twist on Waiting for the Invitation:

After studying my own Human Design and talking with lots of other projectors and Human Design experts, I created this video explaining what “Waiting for the Invitation” really means and why this is excellent news for those of us who don’t want to burn out.

My hope with sharing this video is that you will see how waiting for the invitation is not a curse, but instead a brilliant way we don’t waste our energy on things that are not meant for us.

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Lastly, we’re done with this right? 😉