Hey, there good lookin’.

There are a lot of About pages that give a resume-version highlight reel that shows how great they are… <yawn>

Behind the brand, the headshots, and strategically crafted social media presence is a real person.
<gasp, can you believe it?>

I’m a “what you see is what you get” kinda gal. Quite frankly, I don’t want to spend my time on anything else but the real deal.

So this page is dedicated to introducing you to me. The real me. How I got here. What lights me up. What breaks my heart… ya know… the good stuff.

If you are looking for my speaking bio, go here.

Here’s a quick overview:

  • Started my business in late 2008.
  • Got sucked into the world of online marketing and perpetuated a bunch of formulas that I no longer believe in.
  • Brought my intuition into my business and broke up with toxic marketing.
  • Developed my own Messaging framework and Intuitive Marketing Method™.
  • Recognized that there was something deeper than listening to your intuition, trusting yourself, and marketing, which is when I started to understand the role that trauma plays in our lives and businesses.
  • Added a trauma-informed lens to the work I do and I’m continuing to study trauma-informed business, communication, and more.

14 Years of Business Truth in Four Minutes:

I’ve been doing this business ‘thang’ since the summer of 2008.

Here’s the quick version:

        1. Your lows will suck. Your highs will elate you. You will have both.
        2. When things suck, you can make up a story about how much you suck. OR you can observe what’s happening and change it. I recommend the latter.
        3. People change. You will change. Business relationships change. Friendships change. You’ll have to let people go in order to keep growing. For ultimate peace, stop trying to analyze it and just realize this is evolution.
        4. Trends will come and go. The most effective marketing strategy you have is to know who you are and keep sharing that with the world consistently.
        5. If all of the formulas worked, we’d all be making loads of money while vacationing half the year. Cramming your brilliance into someone else’s formula or business model is as effective as driving 100 miles driving backward. Technically is it possible? Yeah… sort of. Is it effective and will you enjoy the journey? Not so much.
        6. Sometimes people are unaccountable, ridiculous, and even mean. You’ll have clients who blame you. You’ll hire people who don’t work out. You’ll meet people who preach integrity, yet have none. Just move on and keep creating your life. Don’t let this distract you.
        7. You’ll question if your intuition is total bullshit. Seriously. You’ll follow your gut on something and it doesn’t work out. Keep trusting yourself.
        8. When you think you’re hot shit, you’ll find out one day that you’re not. It’s okay. You needed to come off the pedestal so you can see that it wasn’t built on a solid foundation.
        9. You’ll think that other people are hot shit. And one day, you’ll find out that they’re not. Be kind. Allow people to change and trust when people SHOW you who they are vs who they SAY who they are.
        10. Refuse to participate in gossip or drama. Don’t hang around who are committed to gossip and drama even if they are clients who want to pay you lots of money. It’s not worth it.
        11. Be kind. Have clear boundaries. Say no more than you say yes.
        12. People will judge you anyway so keep being true to yourself.
        13. Don’t give unsolicited advice. Don’t take unsolicited advice.
        14. Struggle is always optional. Choose the path of least resistance. There is a win/win available, be willing to have things work out. *This is not the spiritual bypassy crap of “just believe things will work out and they will.” Honor your lived experiences. There are systems at play that clearly indicate the game of life is rigged. And when making decisions in your business, when something feels hard every step of the way, consider that there is another possibility.
        15. There is nothing wrong with you. You are not broken. You don’t need to be fixed.
        16. Give yourself way more credit. You’re way too hard on yourself.
        17. Don’t try to be everything to everyone.
        18. The thing that comes easiest to you is usually the thing you’ll underestimate and undercharge for. When you stop assuming that people know how to do what you know, you’ll find your sweet spot. Pay attention to that.
        19. Being vulnerable is crucial to receiving support, money, and love. It’s okay to let people in. It’s also okay to let go of relationships that don’t honor your vulnerability.
        20. And lastly, please don’t give up on your dream. Your brilliance changes the world. Trust that.

Who am I?

Artist. Nerd. Rebel. Visionary.
Intuitive Marketer. Writer.
Strategist.  Bullshit detector.
Introvert. Community Builder.



(I’m kinda feeling the Breakfast Club vibe when
they write that letter to the @$$hole principle.)


My Teachers & Credentials

My Teachers:
(Excellent people I’ve had the honor and privilege of working with through the years.)

Carolyn Herfurth
Andrea J Lee
Scarlett Mosier
Michele Grace Lessirard
Kelly Diels
George Kao
Trudi Lebron
Valerie Louis
Beth Grant
Glenyce Hughes
Susie Bauer

*I do not mention the names of courses and coaches that I cannot recommend due to unethical and harmful practices they engage in.

Credentials and Experience:

2002: Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in advertising, journalism, and graphic design.

2002-2008 – Worked in the marketing department for several small businesses before getting laid off in 2008. I wore many hats from design, to marketing, tradeshows, copywriting, graphic design, web design, and much more.

2007 – Trained with a personal development program where I learned how to coach through asking powerful questions.

2008-2011(ish) – Founded and ran a monthly networking group and community events for conscious women entrepreneurs in Utah.

2009 – 2019 – Hosted my first women’s conference in 2009 and went on to host over a dozen of conferences with audiences ranging from 20-700 attendees.

2008-2013 – Worked with several high-end coaches only to realize that the unethical things I was being taught were just that: unethical and I could no longer participate. Along the way, I learned a lot about hosting events and retreats, speaking, selling, coaching, consulting, online marketing, copywriting, business finances, and more, and always added my own soulful spin to what I learned, however, I perpetuated harmful things before I knew better.

2015: Discovered Beth Grant’s work, The Alignment Grid, and was a certified ambassador for two years.

2015: Discovered Access Consciousness and became a certified facilitator. (While there are some amazing tools I learned and still use, it was/is a bit too White and cultish for me.)

2016 / 2020: Like many (but not enough) White folx, I dove deeper into anti-racism work. I worked with Trudi Lebron in her AIM mastermind in 2020. I continue to unpack biases, racism, patriarchy, diet culture, ableism, and privilege through webinars, coaches, courses, and books.

2019: Worked with Susie Bauer to improve my chronic autoimmune challenges through nutrition and where I began to more deeply unpack diet culture and ableism.

2020 to present: Dove into my own healing and trauma. I continue to work with a therapist. I love EMDR, IFS (Internal Family Systems), and SE (Somatic Experiencing).

2021: Participant in the Creating Safer Space program by Shelby Leigh

2021: Participant in the Feminist Copywriting Course and private mentoring with Kelly Diels. I continue to be in her amazing community.

2021 – 2022: Participant in The Healing Trauma Program by Sounds True.

2022: Student in Basics of Internal Family Systems (online course)

2022: Participant in Trauma of Money cofounded by Chantel Chapman. I’ll be certified in September 2022.

2022: Started my Master’s in Professional Communication and my research project is on how trauma impacts business owners. Conducting my own IRB (International Review Board) approved study on how trauma impacts business. The research is scheduled to conclude in December 2022. Expected graduation date is winter 2024.

*This list doesn’t include additional one-off classes I take on inclusivity, dismantling systems of oppression, diet culture, trauma, business, and creating trauma-informed spaces.

**If I mention a course, class, or person, I am not promoting anyone’s work. Always do your due diligence to see what resonates for you.

Loves of my life:

My hubby. Our dog we adopted when the pandemic started in 2020. My “littles” aka nieces and nephews. Deep conversations. Sunsets. The smell of rain. Rainbows. Seeing the world. Laughing so hard I snort (that seems to be happening on a regular basis since I turned 40… that and chin hair…). I’m happiest when I’m making things with my hands.


What I REALLY do:

I deeply see and hear people. (It’s likely the 4/6 Projector in me.) I help people connect the dots to what they say they want to actually create it. I take complex topics and teach things in simple and relatable ways.


What elates me:

When my “littles” (niece and nephews) laugh and teach me how the world works…. I thought I would teach them and it’s the opposite.

When people stop fixating on what’s wrong with them and acknowledge their brilliance.


What crushes my soul:

When people tolerate abuse because they’ve been conditioned to accept it as normal, including self-abuse through constantly judging themselves. Systemic oppression plays a big role in this.

Feeling like there is a lot of work to do in the world and things aren’t changing quickly enough.


Why did I start my business?

I’m not employable. 😂 I don’t like being told what to do or asking permission to do things.

Some of the earliest memories of my childhood were wondering why I was learning stuff in school when there were so many other important things we could be doing in the world.





The random, odd,  and personal questions I’ve been asked…

You say you are intuitive, what does that mean?

Whether you use terms like intuitive, psychic, aware, clairvoyant, I believe those are all the same things. Can people predict the future? No. Are people aware of a current energy? Yes. Can they communicate their perception of the energy? Yes. Then people choose.

I believe everyone is intuitive or highly aware if you want to use that word. People have shut down their awareness after being conditioned that there is something outside of them who knows the answer.

A big piece of the work I do with clients is to assist them to trust themselves again and tap into their awareness. The work I do with clients is a mixture of reading the energy, asking lots of questions to empower my client to receive their own awareness, and applying strategies that are congruent with the person.

You talk about coming out of the spiritual closet, what does that mean?

I was on the bandwagon of creating massive success and followed the advice to not talk about soul, purpose, or intuition.

I eventually crashed and realized that my intuition and spiritual connection with the universe was just as important to me as money and so I started talking about it. People say it’s “woo.”

To me, it’s just how the universe works.

What advice do you have for people who want to start a business?

Trust yourself a lot more.
It’s okay to say no to “experts” who make really big and bold promises.

Get clear on what you desire. If you’re not clear, then find someone who asks really great questions withOUT being attached to your answers so you can get clear.

Be honest with yourself about the desire to be a business owner. Having a business is sometimes harder than having a job. But if you desire to have a business and are willing to do the work, it’s so much more rewarding than a job.

You have to honor what’s best for you, which also means taking 100% accountability for that choice. Not everyone wants that kind of accountability.


Why don't you do Akashic Record or intuitive readings anymore?

The Akashic Records is a modality to tune into the energy of a person’s “soul records.” When I took a class on this several years back, within an hour of the class I recognized that I was doing that work my whole life and now I finally had context. It was really easy for me to connect with people’s energy and see the energy that was present.

Here’s why I don’t do readings anymore for people: people wanted me to tell them what to do and wanted me to predict the future for them. People gave their power away to me as someone who knew more than they did.

The truth is, no one can tell you what is best for you. You must choose for you and when folks refuse to do that and give their power away to someone they think knows more or knows better, then folks disempower themselves. There are professionals who LOVE when their clients give their power to them.

I’d much rather empower my clients to have their own awareness and come to their own truth vs someone telling it to them.

I have intutives who I see when I’m really in my head about stuff and can’t see things clearly. The difference is they are asking me questions and providing guidance vs making themselves superior to me.

While I do intuitive sessions with my clients, it’s not a standalone service and it’s part of a coaching package.

How active are you in humanitarian work in Kenya?

Humanitarian work and Voluntourism are interesting topics that I believe in many cases are perpetuating colonialism and the erasure of indigenous cultures.

But I didn’t always think about it this way.

The first time I went to Kenya was in 2013 and I made sure it was with a non-denominational group.

Why was that important to me? I saw too many groups (mostly Christian) go with their own agenda of things like, “We’ll dig a water well here while we preach our white religion and build our church here, too.”

Humanitarian work that also focuses on truly sustainable projects that are co-created with communities that are being served is where I focus my efforts.

I’ve not been focusing on humanitarian work on Kenya as much with so many causes requiring activism in the United States that came to light in a big way in the 2016 presidential election.

While I sponsored two girls’ education for several years in Kenya and some sustainable clean water and food projects, I’ve been focusing more of my donations and time on local organizations that support causes I believe in locally, including: Racial Justice, Immigration Rights, Addiction Recovery, Homelessness Rehabilitation, Women’s and reproductive rights, LGBTQ rights, at-risk and underprivileged kids in my community, and giving back locally.

How do you stay happily married and run a business?

When I get asked this, my first response is usually, “Do you ask men this question?”

The other version of this question sounds like, “Your husband and you seem like you genuinely love each other but you’re so different from each other – how does that work?” Richard aka hubby is amazing.

We support each other and don’t try to change the other person. Communication is key. We’ve probably had seven legitimate arguments since August of 2002 when we started dating. We consciously choose to create a partnership that honors both of us individually and what we co-create together.

Weekly date nights are super helpful too.

I chose a long time ago that I wouldn’t dilute myself to fit into a marriage so from the get-go we were on the same page.

Plus, when I sat him down one day and told him that I believed in angels, and energy, and alllll of the woo things, he just said, “Okay.” He doesn’t think my woo is wacky. I don’t think his non-woo is wacky. We honor each other.

Why don’t you have kids? (You'd make such a great mom.)

This is always an interesting “question” that women are expected to answer.

First, women don’t have to have kids or “build an empire” to have fulfillment.

My journey involved years of infertility, which was heartbreaking. At the age of 40, and after a miscarriage, I did the healing required to close this chapter of my life and I am genuinely glad that I don’t have kids.

I think a lot of my desire to have kids was conditioning by patriarchy and religion that my purpose as a woman was to produce children.

You’re from Utah, are you Mormon?

Nope. I was raised in the Mormon religion (aka Church of Jesus Chris of Latter Day Saints) and always had questions about it. I consciously left Mormonism and all organized religion when I was 19-years-old. This was a very conscious decision after doing a lot of research and soul-searching.

After that, I studied Buddhism for three years. Then found my way into the metaphysical world. Then into quantum physics and studying consciousness.

I look at everything we experience in life as a breadcrumb trail to the next evolution on our individual path.

I have clients of all faiths and backgrounds. 

What was it like to have full metal braces at 40?

Is that a trick question? LOL It sucked and it was SO perfect. It always surprised me when people said how brave I was to do it. I think brave as adopting a child or loving your life even when you get a grim diagnosis… but anyway, I’m grateful for the support.

Having braces drastically changed my relationship with food (for the better). It taught me how vain I was and how self-conscious I got to speak and to even smile sometimes. I really learned how much I love vegetables and salad because they were so hard to eat with braces.

I discovered that there are a LOT more adults in Utah who have braces than other states and countries. Every time I met an adult with braces, I had a new best friend.

How does art play a role in your life and business?

Another version of this question sometimes sounds like, “Wow, you do a lot of things, how do you fit art into your life?”

Or, “Wow, you do a lot of things, shouldn’t you just focus on one thing to be successful?”

I’m a multi-faceted entrepreneur who is the most alive and joyful when I’m creating something with my hands and when I have a lot of creations in the works.

I had a spiritual experience in 2017 when I asked my grandmother who had passed to teach me to paint. She was an exquisite oil painter. Her presence guided me to start painting again after decades of not doing it. It was then that I created my first card deck called “CREATE,” which featured expansive questions you can ask to grow your business.

Then in 2018, we moved into a new home and there was a ginormous wall that kept asking for a large abstract art canvas. (Yes, I talk to my house.) I kept feeling like I could paint something… but this wall is huge.

I took a pour paint class in November of 2018 and soon after created the largest piece I’ve done to date: 3′ x 6′ and it’s called “The Invitation.”

I love to create and have created the Soul Vision Planner and these Infinite Receiving Activations.

Art continues to be a much bigger part of my life.

Well, there you have it. Perhaps the longest About page ever. 

Explore how we can work together here.