It’s been a while since I’ve been in your inbox. My entire business has changed in the past couple of months and every time I was about to click “send” on an article, another world event happened and I pushed pause on my newsletters while I kept creating…

I’m hearing from a lot of people about the unraveling of the familiar into creating something new, all while the world is creating some interesting things right now.

Below, I’m sharing some big news of how I’ve let go and changed just about every aspect of my business over the past four months.

What used to work, doesn’t work anymore.

Business as usual is boring.

Pushing stuff to market just to make a buck is exhausting, not to mention ineffective.

If you are in some phase of reinvention, or avoiding reinvention in any area of your life, here’s a quote my friend Kate sent me from Brene Brown’s newest book, “Braving the Wilderness:”:

“You are only free when you realize you belong no place – you belong every place – no place at all. The price is high. The reward is great.” ~Maya Angelou

There isn’t blueprint for us (the magical weirdos and rebels.)

There isn’t a system or formula to tell us how to walk away from everything that has worked so we can create something entirely new.

There isn’t a safety net to guarantee that when we let it all go, we won’t lose money, or a friend(s), or our comfort zone. We make different money. We make new friends. We discover that our comfort zone was a trap.

We walk through it all and realize that once again, we have what it takes – but the only way we ever find out is when we step through the fear and doubt.

Here is my big news:

1. I let go of everything that was “right” in my business.

Business as usual wasn’t cutting it anymore. After I hosted my final IGNITE event in April (more about that in a second), I realized that the new program I was launching wasn’t a fit for where I was headed in my business. This surprised me. Then pissed me off. Then confused me. And now I get it.

It has been four months of allowing things to unfold, which is the nice way of saying it was a rollercoaster where I questioned every damn thing in my business. I simplified. I have said no a lot more than I’ve said yes.

I was willing to walk away from all of it and there are several things that have come to an end, which leads me to #2.

2. The end of an era: IGNITE has run its course.

Since 2009, I have hosted my annual event IGNITE every year with the exception of 2014 when I took an event sabbatical. I knew in April this year that the event would be changing and just this week, I have made the decision that I will no longer be hosting IGNITE.

There is part of me that is sad and while I could push this phenomenal event forward, it’s time for the new space to emerge. I’m not sure what my next creation will be called. I DO know that there will be a virtual workshop-style training this winter and an in-person retreat in 2018 in addition to more in-person and virtual GLOBAL classes/events.

IGNITE, also known as Ignite Your Spark, has hosted over 1,000 women over the years. It’s impacted thousands more. My vision was to create a global ripple effect by empowering women and that has happened. This work will continue, just a little differently so stay tuned…

3. I have completely revamped my business model.

After IGNITE in April, I went to plan out my next vision in my business and I was blank. I didn’t know what I wanted to offer. When I asked questions, the awareness was to “create space.”

I watched. I listened. I didn’t push. I allowed. And I was freaking uncomfortable.

I now have the clarity of what I’m offering:

Truth Guide Event Training + a Certification for Onsite Event Managers

The coaching world has plenty of Guru Star events and there is another way to gather community, create transformation, and make a profit. I’m showing people how to do this without breaking the bank and I’m also training people to be the event support for Truth Guide events.

Shorter Low-Cost Programs to Contribute to a Lot More People

I don’t believe that transformation or growing your business has to come in a 5-figure 12-month program. It can, but it’s not required. I am also seeing a lot of entrepreneurs who are missing core pieces to growing their business in the areas of messaging and marketing and I’m on a mission to empower more people to solve these things once and for all in their business.

My next course is called WORD, it’s 4 weeks and is designed to teach you how to create a message that attracts clients with some copywriting tips to make it all sync up in your marketing.

Done-for-You Services

As a copywriter, graphic designer, messaging maven, and marketing strategist, I am working with a handful of Truth Guide clients each year.

Teaching Access Consciousness Classes

This body of work is about the magic of changing the “impossible” and teaching these tools, along with marketing and business strategy, is a combination I have personally looked for years but couldn’t find it.

In August, I got certified as a certified facilitator and just yesterday, I got done hosting my first Bars and Facilitator class. You can read more about the magic here.

Next up, I’ll be rolling out a 6-month mastermind that includes a retreat in a beautiful location. A true retreat that isn’t in a hotel conference room. This is high-level masterminding and community, delicious food, nurturing accommodations, and aligned support for your business.

See you very soon with more tips to grow your business that honors all of you.

Have you been in your own reinvention? I’d love to hear your experience in my Facebook group. Join me in this conversation over there.