The power of grief is underestimated in business.⁠

I recently looked through memories on Facebook and how I bought into hustling and talking about how you just have to choose abundance and it would show up (if you also worked hard enough.)⁠

Acknowledging my privilege wasn’t even in my vocabulary. Acknowledging mental health and trauma in our ability to create wasn’t in my awareness.⁠

When you know better, you do better. So here we are.⁠

I had an epiphany while watching Ted Lasso for the second time. (Go watch this series on AppleTV right now ♥️.)⁠

💫 My epiphany 💫
👉 We don’t allow nearly enough space in business for grief.⁠

I read a colleague’s year-end review and how they more than doubled their 2019 income in 2020. I felt a tinge of jealousy.⁠

When I dug deeper, I realized that jealousy was a coverup for shame because I too didn’t double my business last year.⁠ (And admitting that I felt jealousy is ugh, I really don’t like it. But this shadow has shown me over and over again the truth when I let myself experience it and don’t judge it.)

I believe jealousy reveals the truth if we’re willing to look.⁠

So I sat in that space for a moment longer than I was comfortable with and there it was: grief.⁠

Grief of the lost plans and events and retreats that didn’t happen. Grief of burying my father-in-law last year. Grief of the strain of that grief on my marriage that we’re still working through.⁠

👉 Grief that I just didn’t have the capacity to do more than I did.⁠

I’m letting it breathe and take up space.⁠

As I do that, I can acknowledge it and it doesn’t consume me like I feared it would.⁠

Before I entertain the tendency to go to the positive, I’m choosing to take up space with grief alongside everything else.⁠

Let’s make space for all of it.⁠

And more importantly, let’s witness each other in all of it – without making up stories about a person’s success because they have the audacity to be seen in all of the layers they hold.⁠

What is your response to grief, especially as it pertains to your business? Let me know on Instagram or Facebook.