Biz Divas Give Back

Biz Divas Give Back

The holiday season is upon us and there are many opportunities to give back to our communities. The Biz Divas has chosen the a family of four because of their inspiration and strength to support their father with his courageous fight against cancer. Medical bills are totaling high numbers and this family deserve to know they are supported – it’s their turn to receive. Learn more about the family here:

Will you offer your support to create the following: Dad (34 yrs old) / Mom (34 years old) / Family
  • Any kind of giftcards or cash donations for the family to do things together as a family would be fabulous.
  • Giftcard to La Frontera (they very rarely eat out due to expense) but other restaurant giftcards would be great as well.
  • Spa day or Spa services for the mother (she never pampers herself)
  • Couples Massage (therapist to donate time or cash donation to pay for a therapist).  The father was recently treated to a massage and said it was wonderful.
  • Movies Giftcards (for mom and dad for a date night or a family outing)
  • Giftcard or package to somewhere to get family photos taken
  • Any kind of stocking stuffers for girls would be great.  (Limited sugar due to medical conditions with the kids).
Daughter (16 mos. old)
  • Any kind of learning games
  • Snow clothes (already has a coat), needs gloves, boots, snowpants, etc..
  • Loves horses (any kinds of horse toys)
  • Tub toys

Daughter (9 yrs old)

  • Can always use clothes and shoes (size 7-8 in girls clothes and size 12-13 in shoes). Needs some black or brown boots and any other good shoes.
  • Loves to read; could use the Warriors book series (needs books 4+), Wants to start reading the Harry Potter series
  • Loves cats and fairies
  • Loves to play in the tub; would love bubble bath and “The Bath Blizzard” from Kid Klean

Bring any items, unwrapped, or cash donations to the Biz Divas party on December 12. Or to arrange a dropoff or pickup contact Jennifer Jessop at 801-230-0731 or read more

December Details

December Details

December Topic: When we experienced the power of turning off our “brains” and thinking with our hearts we got in touch with the power of affirmations and positive thinking. In December we are taking this one step further and really looking at what goals we desire to manifest in our lives and working together to REALIZE and LIVE our dreams every day.

Wendy BensenWendy Bensen, business owner, author and mother of two has considerably changed her life in the past two years. The shift that occurred in Wendy created many things, including weight loss of over 60 pounds and writing her book “The Boss of Myself.” Get inspired by her story and take your goals to the next level at the December Biz Divas.

Jennifer Jessop
Jennifer Jessop will join Wendy for a presentation about taking your health and wellness to the next level. Why wait for a New Years Resolution? Start now at the Biz Divas party this month and get support in not only making your goals, but reaching your goals. It CAN be that easy!

Plus, I can’t wait to share some exciting things with you for 2009!
So get ready to feel supported and experience the first steps of accepting your goals into your life. Why wait another day? You know it’s time and Biz Divas is here to support you.

December Location and Time:
Friday, December 12
Time: 6:30-9:30 p.m.
Divas Cupcakes and Coffee – 3300 South 1560 East
We will be in the “Dome” greenhouse on the west side. There is additional parking in a parking lot just west of Divas and Cupcakes.
What to bring: Business cards, your marketing collateral, and a notebook and pen. If you have a sample of a product from your business, please bring it.
Cost: $20 and dinner is included – this is NOT a potluck event

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