Marketing Doesn’t Work Like it Used To

I’m really excited to share some information with you regarding some new trends in marketing.
First, traditional marketing and advertising does not work like it used to. With the changing times, consumers are demanding more from businesses including yours. Consider the following:

  • TiVo
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • GenX and GenY are growing in their purchasing power, yet don’t communicate through traditional marketing.
  • The Economy – While it’s true that we all create our own personal economy, the psychology of our society is being affected.

How do you market your business when people are more selective to what they hear and pay attention to? The great news is rather than having to pay an advertising agency a large monthly retainer, you have the power to market yourself. It’s called relationship marketing.
This term has been around since the 80’s and is making a comeback with the popularity of social media.
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To the tranquil mind, the entire Universe surrenders.

If you are an busy mom, women-preneur or executive, ask yourself when you really gave yourself permission to just BE and receive some pampering. When was the last time you took a bath or spent even a few quiet minutes listening to your soul?

I have recently experienced some cool shifts in my life and business and it’s from the most simple thing ever. I’m taking time to pamper and take care of myself and I “just say no” to new projects that don’t support my vision. This is HUGE for me. When I do this, my mind opens up to new possibilities and I create the space to receive the things I’m looking for. When before my mind was so full there was literally “NO ROOM at the inn.” read more

Social Media Tips

Ever wonder what to post, tweet and write about with your social media efforts?

The last Biz Divas workshop was on Social Media and it was incredible. I learned that social media is a revolution, not a fad and it’s completely changing the way we market. I feel like for the first time, new companies can create awesome marketing momentum through cost-effective efforts. No longer do companies have to have a $10,000+ retainer with an ad or marketing agency to be successful.

First, check out this awesome article that one of my favorite social media and marketing experts (Jack Hadley @jack_hadley from Lava 7) passed along to me:
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