Email Etiquette Part #1

Email Etiquette Part #1

E-mailAlright folks. Let’s talk about something that happens to be one of my pet peeves. I know that sometimes we just don’t know certain things or do THIS by accident…

I love (not really) getting an email and there are dozens and dozens of recipients that the email was sent to and the sender did not use the BCC option. So now I scroll through all of the email addresses (I just got one that probably had 200 names in it) and finally get to the message.

This is the problem with sending a mass email to your list and NOT using the BCC option. My email address just got sent to your other contacts and well, it’s not polite to send a mass email so generically (see below for the exceptions). If you really want to make a connection to your email recipients and want a response from them, send them a personal email when possible. read more

Be Clear About Where You Are to Find Out Where To Go

In order to find out where you want to go, you must first find out where you are. It’s like when someone is lost and they call to get directions. In order for them to be directed on where to go, they must first find out where they are.

For example, personally I am recommitting to my vibrant health and releasing some extra weight I’ve “attracted” for the the past two years. I was gauging my results from how I was feeling and how my clothes fit. I was consciously avoiding the scale. read more

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