What’s Your Decision?

Wanna know the piece of coaching that rocked my world four weeks ago? What totally shook me up and caused me to question EVERYTHING? What caused me to let go of a ton of guilt, “should-haves,” and “what-ifs?”

First, let me explain the state I was in. I was hungry for something to shift in my life and businesses and ready to release what ever block, problem, what ever I had to, so I can get the results I wanted quicker. I saw some recurring patterns in my life and business and I was DONE! It was those tiny, little nagging things that added up to be big results. read more

Could your new business use some funding? Enter Ali’s new contest and win $5k

As I prepare everything for this year’s SHINE with Ali Brown, I’m super excited to share this contest with you that I am entering myself ASAP!

Check out this contest that can win you $5,000 for your business:

Are you sitting on a new business idea because you just don’t have the money to get started? Or, maybe you need a little support so you can feel confident about moving forward. Ali Brown–millionaire entrepreneur and Inc. 500 CEO–wants to help you launch your business! read more

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