Is Your Money Blah, Blah, Blah Stomping Out Your Profit?

“How you do your money is how you do everything.” I’ve heard it before but Kendall Summerhawk reminded me of this at her event I’m attending.

Are you telling yourself all kinds of “stories” about why you can’t invest in something, pay someone back or charge what you are worth? Your money stories are your blah, blah, blah and it’s killing your profits in your business.

Your money blah, blah, blah often sounds like this:

  • The economy is hard and people aren’t buying right now.
  • I don’t know how to afford this (meanwhile you have a storage shed full of STUFF you aren’t using and you could sell or you have other untapped hidden income.)
  • My spouse won’t let me do this. (This requires a powerful conversation so you have an understanding of what is possible.)
  • I’ll work with you if we can do a trade. (If you don’t know how I despise most trades then you can read about it here.)
  • I’m not feeling inspired so I’ll market when I feel inspired.
  • I can’t get the help I need because I can’t afford it.

Your blah, blah, blah is your money stories that are keeping you stuck, broke and in victim-ville.

The first step
to change your money stories is to make a decision of what you want. People often avoid making a decision because then they would have to be accountable for their results.

The money that is or isn’t in your bank account is your accountability. It’s proof of your previous thoughts, beliefs and actions. The good news is you can change it any time. So what do you decide?

What do you want?

Do you want to work with 10 more clients by the end of the year?
Do you want to make an additional $10,000 of NEW money by Christmas?
Take a moment right now and get clear.

The second step is to do whatever it takes.
I mean literally whatever it takes.

I remember the first time I invested in a high-end business coach. I had a couple hundred dollars in the bank. I wasn’t sure how I was going to pay my bills.

Meanwhile, I had a huge amount of guilt that I was putting all of the financial responsibilities on my husband. Our lifestyle was dramatically different. Our date night was investing in our $19.99 Netflix monthly bill and microwave popcorn. Eating out was a luxury. Going to a movie was a luxury.

But I was determined. I made the decision to hire a coach because I had been doing it “my way” for two years and I could no longer lie to myself and say that it was working. It wasn’t working. Life wasn’t supposed to feel like that if I was supposedly living my passion.

So I did it. I got on the phone and I started talking to people. I sold things. I did what I needed to do to make that first month’s payment.

I did the same thing the next month.

I also did whatever my coach told me to do and I started making money. (Even when I wanted to throw up or run away…and even when I told myself that maybe my old life wasn’t so bad after all. I always came back to the truth of I deserved better and it was up to me to make it happen.)

My life couldn’t be more different today because I took the leap of faith.
And I continue to leap. And it’s scary every time.

The Money Truths that Result in Profit Every Single Time:
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What Does It Take To Thrive in the New Economy?

1. Wake Up – Get a reality check. Is your business working? Yes or no. It’s not maybe or some of the time. Take action to change the parts that aren’t working. Too often I hear people say “I’ll just wait a little bit, it’s got to work eventually.” That is a pitfall you want to avoid. Waiting doesn’t DO anything. Take action. Successful people take action quickly and they aren’t afraid to course correct. Action is the cure for the “inner freak out” (the fear storms that happen every single time you uplevel and take on new levels in your business. )

2. Show Up – Show up in the opportunities that are all around you. Maybe this is networking or sales calls or sending out your email newsletters. Show up so people can find you. Do it over and over again.

Where does your ideal market hang out?  Go to those places and start building relationships. Sales don’t happen overnight. They always come from relationships and that takes time. Showing up more than once is essential.

This is why I regularly attend networking groups and most of my networking happens at live events. I make sure to attend a live event outside of what is happening in my city at least once per quarter.

3. Step Up – Step up your efforts consistently. If your business isn’t growing, it’s dying. Maintaining your business is an illusion that eventually dies. Get one thing working well in your business and keep amplifying it while you get other parts of your business working well.

If something is working then keep doing it and be flexible enough to course correct when things change.

Always be looking for ways to increase your business. Things like continually building your email list, clients, products and speaking opportunities are ways to look at where you can “step it up.” read more

Lessons From THRIVE Business 2011

Lessons From THRIVE Business 2011

What a week! Over 175 soul-inspired entrepreneurs gathered together for two days at my THRIVE event. Attendees had breakthroughs, got clients, attracted new joint ventures and affiliates AND learned the top marketing trends that are working in the new economy.

I learned from my peers who joined me on stage to teach entrepreneurs what it really takes to make money from your passions. Here are my takeaways:

Monica Shah –Revenue Breakthrough
LOVE your money. How you interact and track your money is the way you receive and keep your money. Her revenue tracking sheet is a tool I’ve used in my business for over six months and sure enough, my income grows every month by using this tool.

Carolyn Herfurth – The BizTruth

What are the wants and needs of your market? Most people talk features and benefits of their service or product, but Carolyn took us through the way to have enrolling conversations about the needs and wants and THAT is what people buy.

Re Perez – Branding for the People

Is your brand keeping you broke? Or is it compelling your ideal market to do business with you. Branding is “your desired perception.” Your brand belongs to the people, it doesn’t belong to you. Having a solid consistent brand that aligns with your authentic personality and goals will attract people to work with you. This doesn’t happen overnight, however damaging your brand can happen quickly.

We experienced the importance of creating a strong foundation with your mindset. Only when your mindset foundation is built can you create your compelling message. THEN you take action on your inspired marketing plan. Most people get it backwards and that is the old-school way of doing business. The new economy requires you to be innovative, flexible and consistent. read more

Masterminding in South Carolina

Masterminding in South Carolina

I’m in South Carolina after spending 2 1/2 days with my coach and mastermind of 13 other entrepreneurs. We worked hard and you know we played hard if you have seen the pictures on Facebook. (Here I am giving my presentation before my “hot seat.”) It’s a priceless investment in my business to walk away with a strategy of EXACTLY what to do in the next 120 days to expand my business and to have the support of over a dozen other individuals who also believe in collaboration, support and holistic success. I use this same mastermind coaching model with my clients because it works so well. Congratulations to the ten individuals who joined my Platinum Mastermind program this past week. There was so much interest that I had to create a second program to accommodate people’s needs who are at various levels in their business. I’m beyond grateful. I’m beyond excited. We are going to have an awesome year together. I’m so honored to be part of people’s journey as they say no the good and say YES to the GREAT so they can build a business that feeds their soul AND their bank account. Having a business without profit isn’t really a business. It’s a glorified hobby that sometimes pays for itself and having been there, I know that it’s not fun, it’s exhausting and self defeating. I’ve been there and as I look back on the past two years especially, I’m in awe at the vast changes in my life. It’s amazing what can happen when you stop doing it yourself, stop doing it your way and do something a new way, even when it’s uncomfortable.

Here I am with two of my mastermind friends, John Rasiej and Kim Page,  after two intense days of strategy. Can you tell we were ready to have a little fun? Our coach hosted us at her house for a group dinner. One of our mastermind members had to pay for all of us to get our houses cleaned if she didn’t complete her action items by the time we met for our strategy retreat. She met all of her goals so instead she gave us all our own pair of fabulous cleaning gloves to clean our “damn” house.  So we had to have fun with it! (I don’t know where the glasses came from.)

With Love and To Your Success!

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