The 4 elements to leverage your time + your client’s results

I’m getting ready to make a big announcement in my business of how you can be part of a movement of soul-inspired women who are creating true abundance: money, joy AND purpose.

In two days my last THRIVE event will be kicking off in Phoenix, Arizona. Big things are coming up in 2014.

I wanted to take a quick minute and share these program secrets I’ve learned after working with dozens and dozens of clients since 2010 and hundreds of women at my events.

In an industry where people are preaching to “charge what you are worth” and do so by spending less and less one-on-one time with clients, I believe there is a different way that leverages your time and your client’s results. read more

Is there a split in the coaching industry? My prediction inside.

I’ve been having some intimate conversations with a few colleagues lately and there is something going on the coaching industry.

This may make you upset. Or it may make you relieved because you’ve had this thought too.

Either way it’s important to know which side you are on so you know how to make your business thrive in the next year.

Here is my prediction: The coaching industry is in a similar split that happened in 2008 with the housing market.

Folks who are in the coaching industry for authentic reasons will be positioned to reap the rewards. read more

This won’t make you popular but it’s gotta happen

My whole life I’ve felt a little bit like an outsider.

I have memories of sitting in school as a kid and all the way through college wondering why I was getting taught stuff like math and algebra and science and social studies when I had bigger work to do in the world.

It was a conscious question. Almost like looking at people move in slow motion wondering “why are these people doing all of this?”

I remember looking around at the other students who seemed more engaged than I was and I wondered what was wrong it with me because I wasn’t focused like they were. read more

Why do you think marketing is hard?

Yesterday I asked people who are in my Abundance Challenge (a free 8-day program) what their top struggle is with marketing and people responded with many different things.

It broke down into four categories:

  1. Where to find ideal people to market to.
  2. How to keep it easy.
  3. How to own your value when other professionals in your industry are succumbing to lower pricing.
  4. What to do step-by-step so you don’t waste time and money and actually get results.

During this 8-day Abundance challenge, this group is exploring the 8 steps to build a Soul Vision Profit Path so they create more money, joy AND purpose in their business.

Three of the steps on this profit path are the TOP three reasons why service-based businesses aren’t making more money. I call these three steps the 3 Money Keys and they are:

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