Surprising Income-Producing Activities

Surprising Income-Producing Activities

The business team are writing a marketing plan.What do you do when your business feels stagnant? The marketing you are doing isn’t working as quickly as you want it toin fact, you may even second-guess your business on some level.

How do you activate money-making energy in your business without pushing your way to MAKE it happen (the old-school masculine way)?

First you’ve got to take the pressure off of yourself.

Second, clear up the energy leaks.

Third, you are ready to focus on the sales and active marketing.

Protected: New Client Welcome!

Welcome to the Soul Vision Tribe!

You are on this page because you are a new client. This page has a few important details, make sure you review them in detail so you can make the most out of your Soul Vision experience.

I’m thrilled to support you and i can’t wait to get started to create magic with you.

Okay so it’s not magic per se, but it can be pretty frickin’ awesome. Why would i say it CAN be? Because that is up to youmore about that in the welcome letter and the orientation training.

Along with the steps below, your contract will be sent to you. To get started with booking your first regular coaching session with me, follow the steps below. Please note that to book your coaching sessions, you must fill out the Coaching Session Accountability form below. Upon submitting that form, the booking links will be directly emailed to you.

Each month, you will receive an email from my team with the link to that same form. You need to complete that form for each session you have with me. This ensures we get the most effective use out of our time together.

Step 1: Look in your inbox for your contract. Send that back ASAP via echosign, our online contract system.

Step 2: Download and review your New Client Welcome Letter here.

Step 3: Download and fill out your New Client Questionnaire  This must be received BEFORE your first coaching session.

Step 4: Listen to the New Client Orientation (20 minutes) here. This is a quick training about how to get the best ROI on your program with me.

Step 5: To book your first coaching session, fill out the Coaching Session Accountability form below:

Questions? Email me here.


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